07112019 – Bike & Swim

Today’s bike called for some interval work again. It is hard to know how far I can go in the time allotted. The kids have a 90 minute class, so I have just under that. I had forgotten that the bike computer wasn’t working until I started out again. It is not connecting the wireless sensors – probably just a battery. I took a risk and headed out toward the Midtown Greenway and was going to hit the lakes and back on Minnehaha Parkway. I was hoping that I’d finish the loop in time and actually did it with a little time to spare! The workout was 6 rounds of 2:00, 1:00, :30. Again the Vivoactive was great for this workout.

The only error was on that I created as I stopped the intervals a few times if I was sitting at a stop light waiting to cross the street. There are not a ton of street crossings, but they and some congested trail spaces came during intervals which was hard. I probably should have been riding on the roads instead of bike trails, due to my speed but that’s ok! I also missed that the path split and went under a bridge that I had to wait to cross the street on! Oops. It was a fun ride as I haven’t ridden that part in a good while. The Minnehaha Creek was still pretty high and the trail was flooded over at one point. But not too high, just enough to get you wet! I did switch over to the road between Nokomis and Hiawatha and then hit several lights, but I was pretty much done at that point.

I got 21 segment PR’s out 35 segments on Strava so that’s some good work! The actual interval distances were all over the place depending on where I was on the loop.

Total miles were 17 miles in 1:07.

Back to some lap swimming! Today was a lot less drama! No TV cameras. I accumulated 850 yards again doing some 50’s and 100’s and got in a couple of 150’s too. My bilateral breathing is getting better, but I start to get winded I go back to left sided breathing only and with every other stroke.

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