07082019 – CrossFit & Bike

Got up early for 5:30am CrossFit and it felt great. We did handstand practice, something that I still need work on getting up into the handstand. We then did 5×8 Deadlifts at 60% so I did 185. 8 reps is a lot. I’ve not deadlifted in awhile so I’m sure I’ll feel it later! We then had a 7 minute metcon. When I first looked at it, I thought it was an AMRAP. But no, the last movement was max effort! The movements were – 40 burpees (which took almost half the time), 20 calorie row (which was about 90 seconds) and then maximum effort wall balls (basically as many wall balls as possible with the time left). I got to the wall balls with about 90 seconds left and I got 21 done in that time frame. I used a 20# ball for a platinum level performance!

After dropping the kids off at their programs (only 90 minutes this week) I headed out for a bike workout. The workout was 3-4 rounds but I was only able to get in 2 rounds based on the time that I had. The workout was 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 minute intervals with an equal amount of rest. I guess I never set the watch up to do intervals in bike mode so I couldn’t actually track the intervals or time. And my bike computer isn’t connecting to the sensors so I didn’t really have any live data while riding. I used the clock on the computer to guesstimate the timing of my intervals and recovery.

I rode North on West River Road and cut over to the Dinkytown Greenway. My first interval ended about 1/2 up the hill from Bohemian Flats and Downtown so I went ahead and spun up the rest of it! After crossing the Mississippi River I connected with East River Road and took that all the way to the MN 5 Bridge crossing at Fort Snelling. Most of the workout was on East River Road and one of the other intervals ended in the middle of a hill, but I can’t remember which one for sure now. I knew I was running tight on time and got to the bridge right about the time I needed to start the last interval. Unfortunately, this bridge has about 20 steps to carry down the bike, then cross the river and then about 20 steps back up. I did those as quick as possible and started my last interval when I got to the top of the stairs! I rode through Historic Fort Snelling coming out near Coldwater Springs and then followed the road to Minnehaha Falls. The last interval ended along that road and I relaxed a little but didn’t go super easy as I needed to get back to pickup the kids! I made it right on time, though I was still sweating when I walked into the building! Overall, I felt like I was hitting it pretty hard, though I know my legs were sore from CrossFit in the morning.

The total ride was 17.47 miles in 1:10:15.

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