07062019 – Bike

This morning’s workout called for a bike ride with 2 x 15k intervals. This meant a pretty decent long ride as 15k is about 9.3 miles. I had a fair amount of time and the actual workout was 3x15k but I didn’t have quite that much time! After finishing the 2nd interval and recovery time of 5 minutes I did a third interval for what ended up being 4.4 miles just to get me home.

I headed West towards Eden Prairie on the trails and then cut North on Baker Road after first crossing it and 62nd Street. There were some good hills on Baker Road and also some stop lights so it wasn’t a full on 15k interval, but still pretty dang close. I came back towards St. Louis Park on the Minnetonka LRT and varied between the gravel and the paved road. I probably could have kept going north to the Luce Line, but this ended up being a perfect distance for today.

I hit 27.6 miles in 1:50:50. My two intervals were 34:03 and 34:28. The third interval of 4.4 miles was 17:51.

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