03092019 – Ski

I had been planning to bike, but the temps were right around 30 so I felt like it might be too warm to ride and not tear up the treadway. So I opted to ski instead. It was a nice morning to be out and there weren’t too many people yet. I did the regular loop, but when I got to the bottom of the North Finger Trail, they had the Judy Loop open. I’d never skiied it before and it wasn’t freshly groomed yet. It was an Advanced trail and I could see why. I ended up falling 3 times on it! They were all on tight turns at the bottom or in the middle of a hill! Despite falling it was a fun addition to the normal loop with some tough uphill sections too. Two of the times I fell my watch got turned off. I realized it quickly on the one, but not until it started going into autosave mode (so for several minutes) so I missed a good junk of the ski which you can tell when you compare the maps.

My watch said that I got 4.3 miles in 44 minutes. The official distance of the trails is just over 8k and I was closer to 55 minutes.

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