07232018 – Run

Moving up to 600’s!! 4x600m workout on tap today.  Man I started out sluggish on the warm-up.  Sore and tired legs, but as the warm-up progressed they felt better! I went a little different way on my warm-up and got most of the first interval done on the mostly flat part of Wirth! And I tried to shorten up the route a little bit since I knew I’d be done early, but that didn’t really work and I had a long cool-down at the end.  Oh well.  600m didn’t seem too long actually, I guess having done 800’s helps with that, but I thought they would feel harder than they did.  I guess that means I could have taken them harder!   It was a nice cool morning for the run. The rest interval was 400m easy.

Here are the intervals:





Total was 4.77 miles in 49:49.

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