07202018 – CrossFit

Today’s accessory warm-up included bent hollow holds, single-unders, single leg dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts, and banded hip extensions.  This was a continuous 8 minute warm-up.  I’m liking these warm-ups!

Our strength portion for the day was an 8 minute EMOM of 5 second plank hold variation, slow lower, and 5 second hold at the bottom.  This looks “easy” but is actually hard to do, 8 times! My variation was using the rings (really low) and doing a ring plank hold.

The MetCon was a gasser though.  It was tricky since it included significant rest, but not really complete recovery. It was 3 rounds of 6 minutes with 3 movements. The score was your slowest round.  My Silver level movements were:

30 calorie row

20 alternating dumbbell snatch (25#)

10 deadlifts (135#)

I might have been able to increase the weights to the Gold Level, but this work was hurting at the end.  My slowest round ended up being my first.  My thought was to not kill it on the first round, but I could have gone a little harder.  My rounds were:



3:09 (after the last deadlift I just laid down on the floor for a minute!)

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