06302018 – Mountain Bike

On Saturday after some quality time with the families playing around and doing some paddling Joe and I were able get a ride in.  We opted for the Yawkey Unit so we rode the Drag Line to get there and the Haul Road to get into the trails.  We did Man Cage, Manuel, Skip, and Grizzly before heading back on Haul Road and taking the Man High option before ending up at the campground.

I think Yawkey is some of the best trails in the group.  We did Skip twice before coming back down and doing the whole loop a second time.  I can’t really describe it, but you end up at the top of a mountain in a pine forest  (see top picture) with some pump track on some narrow turns and cliff edges!  Manuel is a hard climb but totally worth it!

Total ride was 9.5 miles.

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