06272018 – CrossFit

100… Keep it 100 was the Workout of the Day!

Three rounds of a rough workout, the good news is there was a 6 minute break between each round. It isn’t often that you get a full recovery between each round so this seemed a little crazy and excessive when reading it. But dang was it a burner of a workout!

Each of the rounds was 

250 meters rowing

10 Kettlebell swings

10 Burpees

10 Swings

10 Burpees

10 Swings

250m Row. 

I don’t remember my round times,  but they definitely got slower each round. The burpees were what really slowed me down. I was first off the tower but then slowly fell behind. My swings were with a 50# kettlebell. 

My total time was 27:05. 

The idea was to go all out each round and I think I accomplished that! 

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