06122018 – Run

My neighbor Eduardo is training for a triathlon this fall with the aim of an Ironman in two summers. He is going to be joining me for at least one run/workout each week. That will be a fun way to spice things up. 

This morning’s workout was 8x200m. After my 12.5k I realized I needed to do more hill specific work. Just running at Wirth isn’t going to be enough to get me up and over Moose Mountain. So I figured for this one I’d try out the sledding hill at Wirth. 

It turns out that from the first light pole up the cart path to the next hole is almost exactly 200m. The last bit is pretty steep and there is definitely ways to make it longer. So I think I’ll be back here for more. 

8 x 200 is pretty good, but the 3 minutes rest in between was a nice long rest. We walked back down the hill and then turned around and came right back up! 

I screwed up on my watch, I know I thought we were past that too. So we actually only ran 7 hill repeats. Oops. 








I can’t remember when, but at some point we started switching between two different paths to mix it up a bit. 

It was a solid workout. 

On the way home we went up the creek trail and then took the railroad home. The Loppet race goes down them for a short bit, but it wasn’t an ideal finish as we ended up having to run tie to tie. (Good agility work on tired legs, right)

Total miles 4.42 in 1:00:00. 

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