06022018 – Solcana Anniversary Day ‘O Fun

Happy 4th Anniversary to Solcana Wellness!! It has been a great 4 years.  My anniversary date is quickly approaching too. In 4 years Hannah has built not only a gym, but a huge community of people who are passionate about being “healthy” and supporting each other towards that end.  It has been fun to watch the gym grow and continue to be an amazing place where ALL are truly welcome!

The celebration included a set of 8 workouts completed on teams of 2 followed by lunch and a party!  The 8 workouts were:

  1. 1 Min Max Effort Burpees
  2. 400m Medicine Ball Carry
  3. Max Effort Strict Pullups or Arms Only Row
  4. Partner Carry
  5. Max Effort Back Squat
  6. Sack Race
  7. Snatch Ladder
  8. Max Effort Handstand or Weighted Plank Hold

My partner had to bail at the last minute, fortunately someone else was in the same situation so Daphne and I partnered up and hit it.  I think we each had to adjust our game plan, but we were able to come up with a workable plan pretty quickly.  We were a Gold division (scaled) team.

I did the Med Ball Carry, Arm Rowing, Sack Race and Snatch Ladder.  It was a cool morning with a chance of rain.  It was actually sprinkling during the med ball carry but stopped for the partner carry.  And was boring during the sack race so that got moved inside!

The 400m Med Ball Carry is pretty self-explanatory. Run down the alley and back with a 10# med ball anyway you can.  It felt really weird to only be able to run with one arm, so I switched arms halfway and got one of the fastest times for the day 1:28 (I also don’t think this is a true 400m.)

Next was the Arm Rowing.  This was the scaled version of strict pullups. It was a max effort arms only pulling on the rower for 30 seconds. It was for the most calories at a 5 on the damper.  I tied for 3rd with 9 calories.

The sack race was down and back in the gym.  No clue of the distance. I was either first or second in my mixed group heat and got  first in the grouping in 13.85 seconds.

The snatch ladder was the last event of the day. We got 4 lifts and we had 20 seconds to lift followed by 40 seconds of rest.  This meant it was important to start at the right weight.  When I looked in Wodify my max Snatch was 110, so I started at 65, did 75, 95, and finished at 115. It felt good all the way through and I wished I had one more attempt.  So I was quite pleased with a PR!  This also tied me for 2nd in the group.   It was a lot of fun to watch the snatches and several people got PR’s.

My partner had to leave early.  When our team name wasn’t announced for the 3rd place awards I figured we hadn’t won anything.  I was shocked when we got called for 2nd place!! I got a little plastic trophy!  My first CrossFit hardware!!

When I brought my trophy home Caleb was really proud of me and talked about it for like 20 minutes!

It was a lot of fun and throughout it was a fun competitive atmosphere.  Everyone cheering each athlete and celebrating accomplishments throughout.

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