05052018 – Bike

Finally some of the Mountain Bike trails at Wirth are open. 3 of the 5 sections are dry and disable! The Brownie Lake section is pretty much an Expert loop so I didn’t bother with it. It’s hard to believe that I went over my handlebars on my first outing!

It kind of happened in slow motion right before the open space in the quaking bog area. It was a slight downhill flow section and I was using my brakes (both front and back) and I think I went over a little bump or something and I got some air. When I came down the front wheel caught and with the brake on I just went over. I got a scrape on my leg. And had to twist the handlebar back straight! I did break my camera post, but the camera wasn’t attached, so that’s good! No one saw it, so I straightened it all out and got back on to continue the ride! 

I finished the Quaking Bog or Southwest Wirth Loop without any other incidents! I’m not super confident in some of the faster flow sections, but this is the first ride. Then I hit the Glenwood Loop. This is a short and sweet loop with nothing too fancy only a little flow. I’ve easily ridden it on my cyclocross bike a few times. 

I made it home before the storm. Oh and I’ve been sick the last few days. Mostly sinus crap. I figured that biking would be easier than running on my body. Hopefully it will go away soon! 

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