03262018 – CrossFit

This morning started out a little odd. We were greeted by police at the gym as someone had broken the main door. It didn’t appear that they had taken anything but the trust and annoyance of having something broken into. Coach Jeff did a great job of keeping his cool and leading us through the workout! 

It was a partner workout day. Starting with you go, I go to a heavy single power clean. I got up to 130# before hitting the time cap of 10 minutes. 

Then we moved into a partner MetCon. Emma and I were partners and worked through the 14 minute EMOM of push press, burpee, and hanging from the bar. While she push pressed and burpeed 7 times each I hung from the bar. And vice versa. I did 65# push press and struggled at the end. I think only on the first round did I finish within the minute, so Emma hung there for a long time. Fortunately for me she finished each round about 5 seconds early, so I got a short break. That didn’t really matter. Hanging from the bar wasn’t easy! And the Push Press got really hard. But it was a fun change of pace! 

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