02172018 – Skiing

We’ve had several warm days which I’m sure have ruined most of the natural snow trails. I took the meadow trail to get to the start/finish area and it was ok. I wouldn’t have wanted to ski much further on it. The man made loops were still great and I think I actually did almost all of them today. I still have conquered the huge hill by the chalet. I did 4.2 miles in just under an hour. The temp was mid-20s with some light snow coming down. It was a great morning to ski!

When I got home I did another quick 21-15-9 workout.

Bench Press

Slam Ball 15#


I finished in 5:36. I’m not sure how much my bar actually weighs, maybe only 10 pounds and I just did the empty bar, so not super impressive but it’s what I got! Anyone want to gift me a bar!

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