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01312018 – CrossFit

This morning we did a wave set of Front Squats! I still needed to use the strap to support my wrist. The sets were

5 x 70%

2 x 80%

5 x 70%

2 x 90%

5 x 70%

1 x 95-105%

My last rep was 170# which was a 5# PR. So that was pretty sweet!

The MetCon was a 15 minute AMRAP of:

(My scaled)

60 single unders

15 hanging knee raises

10 shoulder to overhead 65#

I completed 7 rounds and 75 reps.

Afterward I was pretty sore!

In the evening we went downtown for some Super Bowl Live fun, catching some ski sprints by the Loopet Foundation. And was pretty cool!

01302018 – CrossFit

This morning was a lot of snatching…

12 minutes to find a heavy 3 Hang Snatch. These were full depth snatches starting from the hang position (barbell just above the knee).

I was able to hit 95lbs which was a 50lbs PR for the Hang Snatch and matched my Snatch PR.

Then for the MetCon we did an 11 minute AMRAP:

12 pull ups

10 deadlifts

8 power snatches

I did 6 pull ups per round and lifted 65lbs (Rx was 95).

I completed exactly 4 rounds, getting the last power snatch at the last second.

01282018 – Bike Trainer and Skiing

I did 40 minutes on the bike trainer watching some TED videos. I did some single leg pedaling mixed in. Those are hard by the way!

Then I did 2 rounds of 10 each of




Hanging pulls.

During the kid’s ski lessons I went for a ski on some icy trails. The natural ski trails especially Skyline Trail was super icy and a few patches of grass showing. The man made snow loops were in great shape and I had a nice ski hitting 21 mph on one of the downhill!

The skyline from the Skyline trail!

01262018 – CrossFit

Today was a doozy and a bit complicated.

We did 16.2 which is the second workout from the 2016 CrossFit Open. As written it is a little complicated to explain. So here is what I did:

In 16 minutes I completed one round and 78 reps. The round:

25 hanging knee raises

50 single unders

15 squat cleans at 65lbs.

The 78 reps were

25 hanging knee raises

50 single unders

3 squat cleans at 85lbs.

The squat cleans were brutal and the scaled weight was supposed to start at 95 and go up 20lbs each round for 5 rounds. The Rx weight started at 135 for 15 reps and ended with 7 reps at 315. More details about the workout can be found here.

The average athlete completed the first round but not the second. Beyond the Whiteboard has some interesting analysis here.

Ready for some Gainz?

I’ve been a fan of boxed collections since back in 2013 when StrideBox launched as the go to boxed collection for runners. I wrote about my experiences with StrideBox here and on their 1st and 2nd Birthdays. During the time I got them it was a great value and I got some cool gizmos. It was really nutrition (gels, energy drink tablets, etc) focused so when I got injured I stopped getting it.

Then I found Cairn, which is more broadly focused on “outdoor adventures.” They had lot of cool gizmos and gadgets for an outdoor lifestyle – camping, backpacking, etc. Some of the items were things I would never have bought because I don’t see the value in them – but sometimes it was amazing and worth every penny!! I had to end this box set to help ease the family budget last year!

My wife gets MightyNest which is kitchen gadgets. And my dog gets a BarkBox. You get the idea right… we like getting boxes of goodness each month!!

I’m kind of all over the place with fitness lately – running, road biking, mountain biking, CrossFit, Cyclocross, skiing, bouldering, etc… I had looked at several different boxes related to CrossFit things but none of them really caught my eye or seemed like a good value. I’ve heard about Gainz Boxes for awhile, but it wasn’t until CrossFit Athlete Cole Sager posted about them with a discount code that I decided to pull the trigger and get one.

It arrived this past week and I finally opened it up. It happened to be the Emily Bridgers box with lots of cool stuff. From FitAid was a hat, shirt, can of LifeAid, and socks! It also included some Roasted Broad Bean Crisps from Enlightened and some wristbands from Victory Grips. Plus some kind of discount code or coupon for all the companies mentioned.

Not a bad deal overall.