September Recap

I don’t really know what to say about September.  Working back into the flow of normal life.  Seeming to be always tired. But hitting the gym and getting stronger.

My main September goal was to read a chapter from the Book of Proverbs each day.  I did end up reading through the entire book, though it seemed like most days I was reading 2 chapters to try and catch back up.  There are so many good little nuggets of wisdom in that Book.  There are also some fairly odd verses as well.

I made it to Crossfit 13 times in September which is a record number for this year!! I’ve really focused in and while I was trying to go 4 times a week, that hasn’t happened.  I’ve been going consistently 3x’s a week.  That consistency has also helped my mobility numbers reach the 2nd highest for the year at 25 times in a month.

My other goal was a quarterly goal of hitting Inbox and Tab Zero.  I was pretty much no where close to that with something like 12 tabs and 25 e-mails…  Oops.

I have officially given up on my running and biking goals for the year.  It just isn’t going to happen.  I think I ran twice throughout the month. Most of the spring and summer I forced the kids to ride in the stroller while I ran and that doesn’t seem too exciting right now and with going to Crossfit more, I’ve reduced the number of times I can run without pushing them.  I’ve been biking to work less since I’ve been going straight from Crossfit to work (yes I shower in between).

That being said, my primary goal for October was to run or bike daily.  I thought about changing that to exercise daily, but I think right now I’m just going to ax that goal completely.  Which leaves me with my secondary goal of only drinking water for the month. When I wrote the goal in January, I thought about needing to drink something to supplement my work outs.  I think we will play that by ear still.

How was your September? Any plans for October?

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