July Recap

Wow, July really flew by and with it means that my summer is slowly quickly winding down.  We spent a lot of time outdoors in July from camping to yard work to just playing in the sun!! I love July (in part because I was born in July) but usually the weather is pretty great for being out and adventuring.

Some of my yearly goals are dropping into the unreachable category.  Which I think I’m okay with. Goals are something to strive for and sometimes other things happen that require a shift.  More on that later.   I did take a picture every day in July, I didn’t post all of them.  I think only one or two were really an oh crap, I need a picture.  It helps that we were adventuring so much of the month!! So goal accomplished!!

I did a lot of reading in July!! I read 18 books during the month which seems a little counter-intuitive since we were out and about so much, but something about reading while camping or laying in the backyard hammock is a perfect way to spend July! I should have been more picky and read a book I’d previously started, but I enjoyed reading through an entire series of shorter books but with some bigger ones thrown in!

I’m not going to post any stats as they are pretty deplorable.  I did get out for 2 nights on the Superior Hiking trail so that was another goal accomplished!! 

The goal for August is to spend 15 minutes or more outside each day.  I think that will be relatively easy, but with working starting back up it might be a good challenge! I think some of the other things will fall back in line as I get back into a more routine life again!

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