September into October

Fall is here!! September’s Challenge was to read a chapter from the Book of Proverbs every day.  I did read all 31 chapters of the book, just maybe not on their prescribed day!  I’ve been using the YouVersion App which allows you to highlight and make comments while you are reading. It also has a lot of Bible reading plans.  I didn’t take the time to see if there is a Proverbs reading plan, but I’m sure there is.  You can see some of the verses I highlighted here.  This one is a little humorous and it jumped out at me:  “A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.” Proverbs 15:17 But on a more serious note, there are a lot of good phrases there, even if you aren’t a person of faith. Next year I should probably actually pick a month with 31 days!

It appears I ran 9 miles in September for 2 runs…

I did bike almost 130 miles (128 recorded).  Which is slightly low as I didn’t record every 2 mile ride to church or Crossfit.

I did 9 CrossFit workouts.  I’ve realized that with Christy’s schedule I’m pretty much only able to go 4 times every two weeks without getting someone to watch the kids. We just finished up a 12-week Burgener squat cycle.  I might switch up my workout schedule so that I can go on the same days each week instead of missing every other week of M/F workouts.  I could go T/W/Th but I’m not sure my body could handle that, so I might try T/Th.  Thoughts?

The new job is getting better.  I’m feeling less overwhelmed on a daily basis.  I’m still not at a place where I’m comfortable to set some public goals.  But I am planing to have lunch with every 3rd grader (in small groups) over a 16 day period in October! If it goes well I’ll have lunch with other grades too.

October’s goal was:

30 Days of Core Work – Haven’t had a fitness challenge in a few months… Mix it up… 30 days of planks and push ups? or 30 days of planks and squats? Pick 2 or 3 areas and stick with it!

I had thought about changing this one, since I wasn’t planning to do CrossFit in January when I wrote the goals.  However, I know several people at the Box who are doing other “core” or body-weight workouts at home so I decided to leave it.  I’m planning to do at least 10 push-ups and situps each day.  I’m working on correct form for the push-ups so that I’ll stop getting corrected and have the strength to do a WOD with push-ups in it! Unforutnately (?) for my abs, they threw this at us on Friday!


That was a little rough #crossfit

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No other goals in October! How was your September?

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