Monthly Archives: December 2014

November into December

Hard to believe that December is already here. Where has time gone?

I had three goals for November. The main one was to write a thank you note every day and mail it to the person. I did horrible on this one. I wrote 4 and mailed them I think. I did create a list of people to send notes to but didn’t actually get around to writing any. I feel bad that this is a goal I failed miserably at. I’m going to keep the goal in my to-do list and plan on getting up to 30 of them before the end of the year. I’m not sure why it was a challenge to complete. I guess I need to be more thankful.

I was able to do 10 air squats almost every day. I really only forgot once and the other day I was so tired that I didn’t get them done. Then I hurt my back shoveling and didn’t do any more. I completed 25/30 days worth of squats. I had only missed 2 days before I hurt my back.

I started doing mobility work using the Ready to Run book focusing mostly on my feet. It really helped and I could notice being more flexible. I could also tell some of the disparity between the two sides of my body and how one was looser than the other. I’m looking forward to continuing that.

I screwed up in the 12 week Magnussen Progression when I switched to the Intermediate. I had to change my goal and I did on the Google Sheet I had created. I didn’t realize that it hadn’t updated the weights. When you copy and past from Excel into Sheets it doesn’t carry the formulas over, just the values. So I screwed up two weeks worth of that. We noticed it because I did 15 reps at the end and most people have been struggling to get the required 8. Oops!

The 30 Days Goal for December is:

30 Days of Advent – Find something advent related and read/reflect on it each day.

I will continue to do some type of mobility work each day. It has been helpful for getting some hotspots worked out. I’m going to take a break in December from any other physical challenges and give my body some rest time.


Running – 24.9 more than doubling October!

Bike – 15.8 one commute before the snow hit the ground and ended my season!

Crossfit – 7 times.

Note: I finished this on 11/30 and not sure why it sat in draft.. I suppose if I’d written anything in December I would have realized that!