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First Outdoor Ride of the Season

Oh did it feel great to hope on the bike yesterday and get 23 miles in with friends.  We are all doing the Almanzo 100 together and it seems we are all a little behind in our training!! Yesterday’s 60 degree weather brought everyone outside and there were traffic jams along all of the trails we rode – especially downtown and in Uptown!

The trails were mostly dry with some wet areas, some standing puddles, and at least one spot which was almost all ice. There is still plenty of snow on the shaded side of the Greenway, under bridges, and other “dark” spots.  My Trek and I were happy to get a little muddy! Whenever we had to switch into single-file riding you’d get a little bit of spray – I had to wipe my classes off a few times!

It was hard to know what to wear.  60 degrees is a good temperature, but all the snow around can make the air feel colder.  In the end I wore a pair of bib shorts, booties over my shoes (which came in handier for the water than the cold), my long sleeve Icebreakrz 200, under my World Vision cycling jersey, padded gloves, under my running gloves, with my Hennepin Bridge cycle hat.  I think I was pretty well dressed – didn’t really get super sweaty and didn’t ever feel cold.  My knees did get a little chilly!

I forgot to mention that in the morning we rode our bikes to church and took Caleb for his first ride in the Chariot!

From 2014-03-31

Busy Greenway while Waiting:

From 2014-03-31

At the Cedar Lake – Kenilworth Intersection

From 2014-03-31
From 2014-03-31

My ride!

From 2014-03-31

My jersey with the mud trail!

From 2014-03-31

Events at Mill City Running in Northeast

If you haven’t been to Mill City Running what are you waiting for?

The newest running store in Minneapolis has everything you need and is located in Northeast right across the Mississippi River from downtown.  They are super-engaged with social media and probably have one of the busiest calenders of any running store in the area.  But it isn’t just your normal group runs or chats with a podiatrist.

They have flap-jack Friday runs (the 6:30am start is too late in the morning for me), Roga (running and yoga) next one on March 22, and a chat about Crossfit for Runners on March 18.  They’ve also got plenty of group runs and group run challenges for all levels of runner!

My daughter and I popped in one afternoon to pick up a gift certificate and they have toys for your little one to play with while you are getting fitted for shoes!

I will be buying my next pair of shoes from them and I hope to be able to make it out to some of their events.

Sign Up for 30 Days of Biking #30daysofbiking

For the past few years I’ve signed up for the 30 Days of Biking Challenge.  It is a great way to kick-off spring and there have been some really cool stories through the years of people being inspired to ride and having their lives changed.  I missed the inaugural event due to Lyme disease, but have participated every year since.

In 2012, I was doing Project 365 – taking a picture each day – and dedicated April to taking a bike related picture each day!

Registration for this year’s event opened on March 1 and I was rider number 265 to sign up!

Here is my confirmation:


And my “pledge card”!



Of course I’m dedicating my riding and running this year to raising money for clean water projects in the Congo.  Your support of any amount is greatly appreciated!

February into March Challenge Update

February didn’t go quite as I had planned.  I started out pretty good, but quickly realized that I couldn’t do the 7 minute workout each day without getting injured.  So I revised the plan to do either the 7 minute workout or the Lolo Jones workout each day.   I did corework on at least 20 of the 28 days in February, I tried to keep accurate records but didn’t always remember t0.  I totally forgot once, remembered while laying in bed at least once, and then got sick last weekend…  Now I just need to kick myself back into it and continue doing core work!

Overall, February has been a long month.  One of the coldest and snowiest years on record for the Twin Cities has meant many cold runs and hard to pull yourself out of bed mornings.  And lots of shoveling snow.  March is traditionally the snowiest month, so that should be interesting!  I think we’ve had 3 days above freezing in 2014 and something like 40 days that have been sub-zero at some point during the day. We’ve also had an unprecedented 6 days with no school.  Ugh!  We have done our best to embrace winter, Art Shanties, Ice Caves, and snowshoeing, but all the super-cold has meant that it has been hard to get the kids out to enjoy the cold weather!

February numbers:

5 trainer rides – I had hoped for 8.

Ran 33 miles – I had hoped for 50.

Here’s hoping March will be a better month.  With changes in our schedule, I was hoping to be able to start biking to work – but it looks like there will be snow and ice on the roads for the foreseeable future.  I still have my old steel road bike and I might try to get it ready for winter biking.

March 30 Day Challenge

My 30 Day Challenge for March is:

Unsubscribe, de-friend, unfollow – Time for some spring cleaning.  Clean out your inbox or news feed by getting rid of some unwanted/unneeded clutter!

This can be done all at once or each day. I think I’m going to focus on one area each week and get rid of 7 things.  So today I’ll unsubscribe from 7 e-mail newsletters, next week 7 Twitter Followers, then 7 Facebook friends, then 7 RSS feeds.  Then I’ll just find 3 more things to get rid of!  When I did this before I found that once you start it is hard to stop!  I think the hardest challenge will be the RSS feeds, but that will potentially have the most time saving focus for me!

Other goals:

  • I would like to continue doing core work every other day 16/31 days.
  • I would like to hit 50 miles running miles for the month.
  • I would like to ride my bike at least 10 times this month (hopefully some outside).

How did you do on your February goals? What do you have planned for March?

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