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Blocking Annoying Facebook Game Apps

As I see it you have two options when it comes to all those annoying Facebook Game Apps… You can block all your friends that use them or more friendly – you can block the annoying games themselves.

I finally blocked Candy Crush this morning and it felt really good knowing that I won’t see it again!

Here are some instructions based on the current Facebook format:

1) Go the App Center – you can do this two ways a) scroll down your News Feed until you find the App Center link on the left hand side or b) click on an app in the upper-right corner and follow the link to the app page and then app center.


2) Find the app you want to block – you can search for it or it might be listed on the main page.  If you followed a link from the app you should go straight to its page.


3) Click on the app you want to block – I’m choosing Farmville 2 (I already blocked Candy Crush and Farmville).


4) This takes you to the app’s Facebook page.  If you look at the bottom right corner you’ll see a link that says “block”.  Click it!


5) Read the disclaimer and click “Confirm”


6) You should get a box that says “Block Successful.” Click close and enjoy the fresh air your Facebook feed is now breathing!


Not only is your News Feed cleaner, but hopefully your “friendship” is still intact!


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Buffalo Triathlon Results 2013

buffalo tri results 2013


7 minutes slower than last year, which isn’t bad considering my training this year was almost non-existent.  I was hoping to have been in shape when Caleb was born in March.  Had I been in shape the transition wouldn’t have been as hard and I might have had more desire to survive to long cold spring in training!  As it were my training program started right when he was born and I struggled to get to the pool consistently or on the bike much at all.  I’ve relied on my bike commuting for most of my training in the past, but that just didn’t happen with the cold snowy spring and I had about a month where I could commute with Nadia before I started taking Caleb to day care too.