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Right before my first marathon, I was given some excellent advice – rub Vaseline all of your feet before putting shoes and socks on.  This sounded a little funny, but made sense.  The Vaseline creates a nice protective layer over your feet that helps prevent them from getting blisters.

It feels really funny both as you put it on and then after you are done running.  I did it for both of my marathons and am quite proud to report that I didn’t get any blisters on my feet!

Three important thoughts:

1) Make sure you cover your entire foot, including in between your toes.

2) You should still wear quality running socks.

3) Put your socks on immediately after you put the Vaseline on. Vaseline will collect dust, lint, etc from your floor and you could have a serious issue if a small speck rubs your foot for 26.2 miles.

What have you done to prevent blisters on your feet?

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1 thought on “Vaseline Your Feet

  1. Anna

    I am going on a 35-day walk of about 15 miles each day and blisters are a common problem over the 500+ miles. I plan to take Vaseline with me and use it each day as a preventive measure inside my wool hiking socks. I hope it works for me as well as it does for you.


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