Movember & Moustache Run 5k

A few male co-workers decided that we should participate in Movember this year.  The basic idea is that you grow a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues – specifically prostate cancer.  I was non-committal and shaved once over the first weekend before embracing it.  I actually did more of the No-Shave November thing, except that Christy was adamant that I use one a comb for your beard and that I not have a neck beard!

The only catch was that the person in charge of our Movember was adamant that to be in the contest you couldn’t have a full beard – just a ‘stache.  So on the morning of November 30 I had to shave my beard into something more ‘stachy.   Here are few pictures:

Before aka clean shaven:




How did this Moustache not win?

Some other shots of the “scary” ‘stache.  It was also called the Asian looking ‘stache and the No, No, No ‘stache.

Now the race… I saw the Moustache Run, which was actually quite expensive for a 5k at $45.  A few days later, Living Social had a coupon for about 1/2 off.  I know the money is for a charity, but I still took the coupon which made it a more reasonable price.  This was an untimed fun run, but it was still a little disorganized at packet pick-up.  About 600 runners had to fit into a tiny little patio area without any signage demarking A-G and H-Z.  After we got our bib number – everyone wore 2012 we then had to go to another line to pick up our hat and then yet another line for the post-race beer wristband.  None of this had signage which created a lot of confusion.

I had ridden by bike down to the river for the race so after checking in I went back to the bike and waited for closer to start time.  I didn’t know anyone else running so I just waited around.  As time approached I dropped off my coat at the bag drop and got in line for the start.  Check out the Run’s Facebook page for some great pictures.

I went out faster than my current training dictated and pushed the whole thing.  I didn’t feel super great the whole time as I pushed myself.  I made sure to cut the straightest line through the curvy West River Road and found people in front of me to try to catch.  The first mile was 7:20 and was at the top of the Plymouth Bridge, the only real “hill” on the course.  Mile 2 was in 7:23.  During the third mile I could see the Stone Arch Bridge the whole time which helped make the mile go faster.  Mile 3 was 7:13.  The last 0.1 miles was in 10 seconds…  Strava said the race was only 3.01 miles long, so who knows…  Either way I finished in 22:06 which was towards the front of the pack.  It hurt and I was very surprised when I saw my time.

After running the Moustache Run I played around a little bit more with the facial hair.  Just a Moustache:

And a soul patch:


How should I wear my facial hair??  And I probably should throw out a plug for some prostate cancer organization… so go show your support for  men’s health at Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition.

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