Looking Ahead: 2012

What is in store for the new year? Isn’t that the million dollar question.

As I noted in my reflection piece, I’ve already signed up for the Buffalo Triathlon and Square Lake Triathlon.  Buffalo is a traditional sprint distance race in the spring and I’ll try to improve my performance at Square Lake in the fall.  In between I’ll stay in shape and have fun racing if I want.  I also want to continue developing my mind and spirit alongside of my body so I’ll continue reading and spending time reading the Bible.

Goal #1: Finish Buffalo Triathlon on June 3.  1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run. (Under 1:15)

Goal #2: Improve on my Square Lake time from last year (1:58) 1/2 Mile Swim 16.5 Mile Bike 5 Mile Run

Goal #3: Use and write about the FIRST Method for my running. 5k for the spring and 10k for the fall.

Goal #4: Complete Project 345 Bible Reading plan – takes you through the New Testament in the year.

Goal #5: Read a variety of books (genre, style, authors).

Goal #6: Document my thoughts on at least 6 of the books I’ve read.

Goal #7: Blog.

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  • Nadia

Goal #8: Project 365


What’s missing?

I’m not setting any mileage goals.  I would obviously like to improve over my 500 miles of running last year, but mileage goals are a good way to get hurt.  Ragnar – I’m not planning to organize a team this year.  It is a lot of work, especially coordinating care for Nadia. If someone invited me on their team, I might join! I’m also not planning on any “A” running only races this year. If the year goes well in training I might do more next year. I would still also like to run around all the named bodies of water in Minneapolis (from 2010), but that doesn’t seem like a smart goal for this year. I’m sure there are other goals or ideas I haven’t thought about nor articulated.

What are you planning for 2012?

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