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Monday started as a great run and turned pretty scary when I got about half way out.  I ran down 24th St and just as I was getting to Lake of the Isles it felt like my heart jumped into my throat.  My pulse was pretty quick and it hurt to breathe. So I stopped and walked for a minute or so.  Everything seemed normal, so I started running again.  I soon repeated this pattern for almost 3 miles all the way home.  Not a pleasant experience and pretty scary.  I was a little under-dressed.

The doctor’s suspect cold induced asthma, gave me an inhaler, told me to cover my mouth and nose, and wanted for a while at least to monitor my heart rate during training.

I also procured a sinus cold that is still lingering on.

On Saturday morning I was still a little leering of running outside so we hit the gym together, with Nadia.  I ended up running on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  Trying not to push too hard, but still get a decent workout in.  The YWCA’s nice treadmills picked up my heart rate monitor and provided excellent feedback throughout the run.  The doctor wanted me to keep my pulse at 60% which was 114.  It peaked at 187.  Oops.  I felt good afterwards, tired later.

Sunday I really wanted to run, but we decided it wasn’t the best idea so that I could try to knock this sinus thing.

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