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Race week started out nice enough.   A beautiful Labor Day relaxing at home and finishing up a bit of lite yard work.  Hanging out with friends and the family.  It was gorgeous weather-wise.  When we were getting Nadia ready for bed she felt really hot.  104.4 hot.  The clinic said to give her ibuprofen and call if the temp doesn’t go down. She already had an appointment for Tuesday so they said it was an ear infection.

Tuesday morning I woke up and did my 5k run on the Metrodome.  My last run before the race.   Nothing special just a cool (52) run. Christy stayed home with Nadia and I biked to work.  About 2ish I started feeling a little sick.  You know, that achy feeling in the back that comes with the flu…  I biked home, took a nap, went to Brad’s to get the wet suit and Team World Vision race kit.

Wednesday I called in sick.  Christy already had the day off and Nadia still couldn’t go back to day care.  I was feeling better by the end of the day.

Thursday morning I decided to stay home for at least the first half of the day and Christy took Nadia to daycare.  I was finishing up lunch and getting ready to go to work, when Daycare called and said that Nadia needed to go home.  Christy decided to come home so I could go to work.  It was kind of fortunate because this way I had the car instead of biking.  Overnight on Thursday Christy started getting sick.

Friday morning I took Nadia to day care and went to work, while Christy stayed home and tried to recover.  I was tired from a fitful night of sleep and a full day at work.  I was feeling worse than Thursday night and was 95% sure I wasn’t going to race the triathlon the next morning.  I was trying to decide between a DNS and a DNF.  I almost e-mailed the race director to see about postponing my race entry for next year.

Fortunately, I didn’t because I beat my goal on Saturday.  Sadly, Christy and Nadia had to stay home sick and Nadia didn’t get to cheer me on wearing her Triathlete shirt.  I felt pretty good, though still feeling sick.  Christy was only marginally better and had to change the plans for a baby shower she was supposed to be hosting on Sunday.

By Sunday night as I write this part I’m feeling about 90%.  Still a little tired but mostly good.  Christy is still feeling sick and not looking forward to work.

So a pretty crazy week for Team Cross.  Nadia seems to be feeling pretty good and I’m almost recovered, now if we could just get Christy over the hump.

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Bike: 23.5 mi
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