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A busy first week back at work with kids.  I was on my feet a lot which was quite a change from August!  My legs were tired from standing on the concrete floors and just putting in a full work day again! It should be a good school year, we’ve got lots of new kids!

The training load for this week was pretty high, despite being only a few days out from the triathlon.  I’ve read that tri-training doesn’t use the same taper as running training.  That doesn’t make super sense to me, so I kind of split the middle.   I used the bike trainer on Saturday morning while Christy was at work and then took the Trek out for a windy ride on Sunday morning.  Otherwise I did a lot of bike commuting again!

I did a 5.7k trail race on Wednesday.  I was pretty happy with it.  I was kind of glad I didn’t have to bike there as was originally planned.

On Tuesday I did my first open water swim in a long time on a choppy Lake Nokomis.  I was supposed to be going with a co-worker, but she backed out due to a cold and it was a cool and rainy day.  I went anyway – it was the only day I knew for sure that I could get a swim in.  They had completely changed the swim area and the inner line of buoys was missing.  I went out and did a couple hundred yards or so and was going to call it a day.  As I was leaving a guy was coming down the beach to start swimming.  We chatted for a bit and I went out and did about 600 yards with him.  The water was pretty choppy and I would be nice to be able to breathe bilaterally. It was good to get the open water swim in and to experience the water chop.

The other fun workout was a Saturday night run with Christy.  She had promised that I could do a workout in the afternoon when she got home from work.  I had thought up this great plan of her riding next to me while running and then I’d ride the Nice Ride bikes home.  Well I forgot and we got busy around the house.  At about 7:30-8pm she asked me about the workout and I told her my idea. I didn’t really think she’d go for it, but in 20 minutes we were all ready to go out the door.  Making sure the bike trailer was well lit up we headed out for a beautiful evening in downtown Minneapolis.  At some points I was surprised that the trail wasn’t lit up very much.  Some places were pitch black – except for my headlamp and her headlight.  We did most of the downtown Riverfront Loop and picked up a Nice Ride at the Library.   We rode down Nicollet Mall and through downtown dropping off the Nice Ride near our house and then I jogged home. It was a fun and unique way to spend a Saturday evening together! Nadia slept through the whole thing!!

Bike: 67 mi

Run: 10.2 mi

Swim: 0.5 mi

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