Weekly Report

I had some problems importing the GPS tracks into the Dailymile so there is not report from them this week.   Though RunningAhead produced these numbers:

Bike: 27.5 mi

Run: 19.9 mi

Sadly it was the second week in a row that I didn’t get to swim.  It was a crazy busy week as I tried to juggle working and taking care of Nadia at the same time.  It was also the “last week of summer” as work started back up and kids reported to school yesterday.  I also shifted the schedule around so that I did an hour on the bike trainer since I knew I wouldn’t have a bike over the weekend while camping.

Back to the swimming thing, you’ll remember 2 weeks ago I had setup the YWCA’s baby sitting service, only to find out that the pool at that center was closed.  I was going to go swimming one afternoon after work at the Midtown YWCA which is super convenient, only to find out that its pool closed the day before for its annual maintenance.  Ugh.   I know I can swim the distance, but I still really need to get into the open water and swim.

I had 3 very unexciting runs.  I felt pretty good on my first run post-Ragnar, a little soreness but it was no big deal.  Over the weekend we went camping with my sister at Buckhorn State Park in Wisconsin.  Not a very exciting place though I did manage a 9 and 4.75 mile run on super flat trails.  The first part of the shorter run was with my sister who is trying to get into a routine of running.  It started super slow but then I did some fartlek intervals towards the end.  It felt good to get some faster running in.  I probably won’t have any speed – just endurance.

All of the bike miles listed are from commuting, though I did spend an hour on the trainer one morning.  I had a day of 20 miles commuting (with about 7 of it pulling the trailer) and going to a YNPN event.

Hopefully this coming week will be better.  We shall see!

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