Top 10 of 2010

2010 was an interesting year for blogging.  I was given $100 in Google Adwords to spend to promote my site, which helped bump my number up a little bit.  I somehow got noticed by Saucony and they’ve given me a pair of shoes and a pair of gloves. So that was pretty exciting.  I started off the year strongly blogging and then slowly dwindled away as the year progressed, much like my running!

Here is how the Top 10 break down:

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis 1,577
Curing Plantar Fasciitis 1,431
Minnesota Marathons 617
Product Review: Strassburg Sock 586
Twin Cities Running Stores 563
Caffeine – A Banned Substance 551
Salmonella & Energy Bars 372
Merry Christmas! 320
Running Prayers 284
Pike Island’s Trails 238

I admit, a couple of those surprise me.  2010 was a good year.  And with this we continue to move forward into 2011!

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