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Weekly Report

47 miles of biking, 11 miles running, and 0.3 miles swimming.  We took Nadia to the pool with us which was fun.  She really enjoyed being in the water!

Your Training for 05/16/2011 – 05/22/2011

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Weekly Report

I was able to get all three triathlon disciplines in this past week. I didn’t do any mid-week runs because of the guy’s training weekend where I knew I’d spike my mileage, though skipping the Sunday run shaved about 10 miles off the usual training weekend total.  The swim is still the hardest to work into my schedule and is also my weakest area.  I’m going to make sure I get in the pool at least once a week, even though the training program requires two swims.  As the summer comes around hopefully it will be easier to get to the pool or into the lake.

Your Training for 05/09/2011 – 05/15/2011

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TC 1 Mile – Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard yet, tomorrow is the TC 1 Mile and the USA Men’s and Women’s 1 Mile Road Championship in downtown Minneapolis. The first wave of runners heads up Nicollet Ave at 6:50pm with the Championship waves scheduled for 7:53 (women’s) and 8:03 (men’s).

This is always a great event and is the 2nd largest road mile in the country. When I last ran it in 2009, David Torrence broke the 4 minute mark and won $10,000.  This year, marathoner Ryan Hall will be competing and will try to break the 4 minute barrier. It should be a fun race to watch! (Has he run a 4:01 or 1500m equivelent? or did he get an invitational entry?) His wife Sara Hall will be competing as well in the women’s race.  She is a favorite to win, while Torrence is hoping to win his 3rd straight championship.

No matter what happens, it should be another exciting night on the Mall!

The 2008 race wasn’t quite as exciting!

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April 2011

Read 12 books with a variety of topics, genres, and styles. April was a pretty slow month reading-wise.  We finished Understanding the Koran: A Quick Christian Guide to the Muslim Holy Book which was written by a Christian who grew up in a Muslim context. It was an interesting look into some of the history of the Koran.  It would be interesting to see a similar book about the Bible.  My Kindle broke while in Spain and I was half-way through reading The Winner’s Manual by Jim Tressel (more on that next month). Amazon is sending me a new Kindle!!

Complete a Triathlon Square Lake Short Course, September 10. 0.5 Mile Swim 16.5 Mile Bike 5 Mile Run. In April I swam once, bike commuted a lot, biked once (plus a trainer ride), and ran 8 times.  One day I ran in the morning, biked to a meeting, and swam in the afternoon. I biked a total of 143 miles (plus the trainer ride) and ran 49 miles. All of these numbers are an improvement over March!

Finish this YouVersion devotional plan (Bible Study).  Yup.  Being gone for a week with limited web access meant that I didn’t keep up while I was gone, but I’ll catch up quickly.

Make a substantial change to one of my programs at work. We wrapped up the social entrepreneurship project and only got one application that is completed.  It was a lot harder than we expected to get the kids to focus and actually go through the development process.  With only a few more weeks of after-school we are going to continue to work on creating projects to sell at the Farmer’s Market.

Blog Regularly How do you define regular?

Learn how to use my digital camera and experiment with its features. I’ll just ditto last month: “No progress on this one.  I don’t think this goal is specific enough for clear improvement.  This month I’ll work on developing something more specific.”

Curing Plantar Fasciitis, was the most viewed post again. The order didn’t change: number two was Treating Plantar Fasciitis, and a close third was Twin Cities Running Stores. This didn’t change from last month.  Last month I mentioned that I’d like to see the Downtown Riverfront post get more views, it moved up into the top 10.  With the Lake Minnetonka half last weekend, a lot of people viewed my course preview and 2009 race review.

Weekly Report

Last week I was in Spain with a group of 33 8th graders. We got tours of Madrid, Segovia, and Barcelona.  I took two pairs of running shorts and hoped to workout at least that many times.

I got one run in while staying in Madrid – a short 3 or so miler.  And two runs while in Barcelona.  It took a long time for my Garmin to sync so I started the runs without it completely ready to go – so the distances were 100% accurate.

Madrid is fairly hilly and it was humid at 6:30 when I went out.  The streets were pretty much empty except the sidewalk cleaners and a few dog walkers.  I headed in the direction of a park that I’d seen on Google Maps.  Their parks mostly have crushed stone paths so that was nice. I didn’t have a lot of time nor did I want to get lost so I followed some side roads back towards the main road to the hotel.  It was easy to find the hotel because it stood above most of the surrounding buildings!

The first run in Barcelona almost didn’t have a good ending.  I ran with one of the high school students that came with, our plan was to go to the beach and see the sunrise.  We accomplished that part and walked along the water and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise.  We walked a bit down the beach and got to where we’d had dinner the night before and started heading back up the streets.  We were walking for awhile and realized we weren’t were we should be.  We walked a little bit and tried using my Garmin to get us back (remember the whole not starting right away thing) but it took us in a circle.  We stopped and asked a Policia (en Espanol) where our hotel was – we only knew the name so he couldn’t help us.  We walked a bit and then the student remembered that we had taken the subway the night before and we looked at a map to see if we could find the subway station we got out at.  The map was useless, but we realized we were just a few blocks from the station from the night before (and I had brought some Euro).  We got to the station and I started buying our passes.  We only needed 2.90 Euros and I thought I’d brought 4 so we were in luck.  Until I looked at the coins and realized I only brought 2.50, ugh.  We started looking around and a nice woman approached us, so in our broken Spanish we told her what we needed and she gave us the 0.40 that we needed!! We rode the two stops and walked back to our hotel! What an adventure!!

The next day I went for a 5 mile run on the boardwalk that was completely uneventful.  I made sure to look at the cross-streets, just in case!  It was a nice way to get out and enjoy being near the beach.  The Mediterranean was calm and I was looking forward to enjoying our beach day later! I thought that 5 miles might have been a little too far, but I felt good for the rest of the day.

I finished the week out with a 7 mile run on Sunday at home.  I left the house and ran towards the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, took a shortcut, ending by the Walker Art Center, ran through Loring Park, and then down Hennepin. I crossed the Mississippi and down to the Stone Arch back towards home.  It was a pretty random route and I wasn’t sure how far it’d end up being! It felt pretty good though.

I’ll post some pics and maybe some stories from Spain! I also owe a Goal Update from April!

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