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Weekly Report

The whole getting out of bed to go for a run thing is tough. When I was in the routine of it, I never had a problem. But getting back into it has been hard.  That’s why there aren’t many week day runs, but I know that I need to do week day runs otherwise I won’t improve…

Bike commuting every day is keeping my bike mileage up.  And on Friday (a non-work day) I actually did all 3 triathlon disciplines.  I went for an easy run in the morning, biked to a meeting, and swam at the YWCA (before riding home in the rain)!   I was tired afterwards and a little dehydrated, but that didn’t stop me from having a good run Saturday morning. After the run I stopped by the soccer field near our house and did some plyometrics on its fake grass surface barefoot.  The ground was still quite cold, but it felt good!!

I met up with the Team World Vision crew for one of their Saturday morning runs and we did 40 minutes.  I wore my heart rate monitor, but turned off the beepers and actually did pretty good, my average was just outside the proper zone.  Except, I’m not sure how accurate it was, because it said my max pulse was 217.  I don’t remember ever feeling like my pulse was that high and I think you’d remember that!  It was a cooler morning with a bit of drizzle at the start before we ran along the West River Road.

Sunday was another easy 5 mile run.  I headed downtown and then ended up taking a somewhat random route home through the West Bank.  I forgot to turn the beeps back on for the heart rate monitor but again did pretty good at keeping my average in the proper zone. It was a gorgeous morning.

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Race Recap: MDRA Mudball Classic

Mudball ClassicYou can’t complain about a free race! That being said, I was quite surprised when my Garmin said 4 miles at the end of the race, it was after all the MDRA Mudball Classic 4 miler.  In the 3 years we’ve lived here, this is the first of the free races that I’ve run.  I look forward to doing more of them.

Obviously, low-key this trail race at the Quaking Bog was a perfectly fun way to get back into the race scene.  It was 36f with wind chill of 22 at the start, fortunately it was quite sunny.  I was perfectly dressed: shorts, long sleeve, and singlet with gloves and ear warmers. Took off the ear warmers mid-second lap. Before the race started I wasn’t sure if I’d dressed properly or not, so I was quite glad as we started that it felt good.

The race was 3 1.34 mile loops starting just up the trail from the Quaking Bog parking lot.  Within the first 30 feet you were heading up a hill.  There are a million different options for running through the Quaking Bog area and I think there were 3 or 4 “major hills” and then a few smaller ones.  I positioned myself towards the middle of the pack and went out really slow.  I had no idea what to expect since I’ve only done slow base mileage.  My goal was to have fun and finish strong.    I ended up deciding to push up the hills and recover on the downhill and flats.  This worked out pretty well and I dropped 3 or 4 people doing that.  They would catch up on the flat and then fall back on the hills.

Mudball Classic coulda been muddier!One of the tougher uphills had a tree fallen over the trail, but it was easy to jump/steeple over.  The race photographer was there on one of the laps and I’m sure he got some great pictures.  If I find the pics, I’ll post a link or post them.  This added a fun challenge!! There actually wasn’t a lot of mud, except for at the finish area.  This was a fairly large muddy area that got worse each time we ran through!! It made me smile each time.  There was a table with water on it around the start area and I paused each time by to grab a drink.  I actually stopped and drank, because there was no sense in trying to drink while going up the hill!

The course was marked with flour or chalk (white arrows) which were pretty easy to see, except for in some of the grassier areas.  A young boy almost missed a turn on the first loop and in the last lap I almost turned too early (both would have been major short cuts)!

When we came through the second lap someone was yelling out times and I was at 23 something.  I felt like that was a pretty good pace and guessed that I was under 10 minute pace and would finish well under 40 minutes.  I remember previous run in this area last year when I was in shape that were hard to be under 10 minute pace so I was happy with that.  I made sure no one passed me in the last lap and really only had one person try but he ended up 10-15 seconds behind me.

Overall only one person passed me and stayed in front, sadly it was a woman, but she was 3rd overall female I think.  I finished in the top 20 (17) and 3rd in my age group. Official Results! Great pictures by Wayne Kryduba.   I ran the 4 miles in 34:54.  Quite pleased!!




Great morning, great race!!

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Weekly Report

What a difference a week makes.  A little bit of warmer weather (followed by some snow), a free evening, and a “sick” day meant 2 weekday runs!

Tuesday was in the mid-60’s and sunny.  I had to run! It was a nice easy heart rate run on the Metrodome loop (clock-wise) with nothing exciting to report, except some chickens.  I wore my Kinvaras and did the 3.2 miles in 28:27 which is probably my fastest heart rate run under 160!  I wear the Kinvaras maybe once every week or two, just to mix things up a bit and help make my feet stronger.  I only wear them for these shorter runs for now.  I might inch my way up in them.  They’d be a good show for the triathlon I think.

Wednesday night after work I had a meeting at Chatterbox in Highland Park  and immediately after a going away party for a YNPN colleague in Nordeast.  That made for a lot of bike riding, 19 miles to be exact.  Fortunately it was all pretty broken up and the weather was great.

Friday I was home with Nadia.  Daycare sent her home on Thursday with the suspicion of pink eye. The doctor wasn’t sure, but since another kid had it recently gave us drops and a note saying she could go back on Monday.  Nevertheless we had a great day at home that included her second ever stroller run.  Sadly, the weather had started turning colder and so she wore her snow suit and I had to wear pants again.  We ran the Metrodome loop counter-clockwise and the wind and stroller made it quite difficult.  The same distance took almost 4 minutes longer.

Saturday morning was another stroller run. I  had hoped to join up with the Team World Vision crew, but it was quite cold and a little bit of snow on the ground.  Christy was at work, so we waited until it got warmer and did an almost 6 miler on the Greenway.  If you haven’t noticed, the Greenway can be quite the wind tunnel.  I chose to head into the wind to start (good decision) and pushed the quasi-aerodynamic jogging wind catcher for 3 miles into the wind.  That was brutal, especially with the heart rate monitor beeping at me every time my pulse went over 160. Ugh.  Fortunately, the run back was much nicer and the stroller helped propel me along!

Sunday morning was kind of a last minute decision to do the FREE MDRA Mudball Classic 4 mile race at the Quaking Bog.  I had no real expectations going into this race, I figured if nothing else it would be a nice (aka tough and muddy) 4 mile run.  I was quite pleased with my time and exertion level. A 34:54 over some brutal hills on nothing but base training… I’ll take it!  I was disappointed that there wasn’t more mud though!

Afterwards I went to a tri clinic at the YWCA.  It was very basic information and it went long and was mostly female focused. They had lots of great information and a great list of resources.   BTW, the YWCA is really stepping up their endurance sports focus.

Mike and I had scheduled a ride for the afternoon.  He was recovering from a bug and I obviously was a little tired, but we ended up riding 25 miles.  I suggested what I thought was a 4 mile add-on but turned out to be quite a bit more and added a big hill. We went down the Greenway to West River Road, crossed the Mendota Bridge and went through Lilydale and back up East River Road to Franklin. It was a very relaxed pace and ride though.  It was great to get out there for a real training ride on my nicer bike (they handle quite differently!)

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