Ragnar Done!!

Stillwater Lift Bridge at Dawn #ragnar - Saturday

What a fun experience!! I’m going to be posting more about Ragnar as time permits, but it was an experience of a lifetime! I’m definitely sore and tired but it was a great adventure.   We finished in just under 30 hours for the 193 mile journey!

I ran 3 legs.  At 12:03pm on Friday I ran 5.3 miles in about 47 minutes.  Mostly flat, but lots of humidity and near 85.  At 11:19pm I ran 5.25 miles in 45 minutes on a dark and hillier road, still humid but cooler.  And at 8:08am I ran almost 3.4 miles in 28 minutes on a trail next to the road on an overcast and humid morning.

Those three runs plus an easy 3 miler in Ohio earlier in the week equaled my highest mileage week of the fall for 17 miles of running!!

There is still time to support my efforts to raise money for Team World Vision’s Clean Water projects in Kenya.

Like I said, it was a lot of fun and I’ll do a longer post later!  I’m still tired and catching up on sleep and eating!! Plus I go back to work this week part-time and then full-time next week.

A hard choice for One Post so here are three:

Product Review of the Strassburg Sock, a Book Review of Once a Runner, and an idea about Twitter Tagging.

2 thoughts on “Ragnar Done!!

  1. Robert

    Congratulations on a great relay. The 13.1 half was fun – raised a lot of money for WV. I'm very grateful Bradley is here.


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