Blizzard People

PC124752Minneapolis got 17.5 inches of snow on Saturday.  That’s quite a wallop we are still collectively trying to dig out of.  Up until now, I’d been quite content without a snow blower, but now I’m thinking about it.  My dad offered me his, but its 10 hours away in Ohio. He also offered my his 4 wheeler with a blade on it, that’d be fun!

So the question is, how do you count snow shoveling as a workout?  I spent almost 2 hours yesterday scooping and throwing snow and another 45 minutes today (thanks to the townhouses in my alley for destroying my awesome shoveling job).  My shoulder is a little sore and I definitely felt it in my core.  So is it a cardio/core workout? Or just core?

How do you record snow shoveling in your training log? Do you record it at all?

I could just get one of these:


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