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As August Ends, So Does Summer

Today marks the first day back to work with kids at school.  As school begins, that means that summer is pretty much over.  It has gone by fairly fast.  August was a great month though of relaxing and transitioning back to work. We took an extended vacation, celebrating our anniversary in Rhode Island, seeing family and having baby showers!!  It was a great month!  It also meant that the big race of 2010 – the Ragnar Relay is over!! That was quite an accomplishment, especially given the amount of training I’d done.  Ragnar was great motivation to keep trying to run and August was my highest month of mileage since last September!! A total of 42 running miles!

It feels sad that 42 miles is my highest month, but I’m glad to be running virtually pain free.  August was about 50% lower biking mileage than July, but we were travelling for almost half the month and since I wasn’t bike commuting that really cut down on my mileage.  The same with swimming.  Though the group is getting going again until the water get too cold.

Last year at this time I’d run the Rochester Half-Marathon and set a PR.

Here is a look at the goals I set at the beginning of the year:

Run Around All Named Bodies of Water in Minneapolis

Being gone didn’t add any new lakes. My Ragnar group run was at Lake Calhoun so I did it again, though most of my running has been from home still.

Read the Entire Bible in a Year

I got really far behind, my bag for Rhode Island didn’t have room for my Bible, the whole paying to check luggage thing made us pack very carefully.  But I was able to finish up, using the “extra” days that are built into the schedule.

Read a Book a Month

I finally finished In A Sunburned Country and wouldn’t recommend it.  I didn’t look forward to picking it up, but vacation was a great time to finish it off.  It is more or less a travel diary with random factoids that may or may not be interesting.  At the Cleveland Airport I picked up John Grisham’s  The Associate and had it finished by the end of the week. I find Grisham very captivating and easy to read.  I also started The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be so I can find out how to be the best father ever, or something…
Blog Regularly

I continue to do well here and on my Project 365 blog.  My personal blog has fallen way behind and I’m not please with my hyperlocal blog.  Such is life though.

There is still time visit my fundraising page for Team World Vision providing clean water to a village in Kenya.

I got $100 from Google AdWords so I promoted my  Curing Plantar Fasciitis post, so it was no surprise to see it the most viewed one in August.  Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis was in second and my review of the Strassburg Sock was right behind.

How was your August? Are your kids starting back to school?

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