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Happy Memorial Day & May Update

Today we celebrate Memorial Day, honoring our military men and women who died in battle and marking the unofficial beginning of summer.

Summer came early with many hot, hot days in Minnesota. We’ve already had a handful of days in the upper-80’s and 90’s. I go back on the 1st for my follow-up on Lyme Disease and hopefully permission to run again and that my body is disease free.  I just watched a video about Bart Yasso, Comrades, and Lyme Disease. I haven’t really been doing much besides biking for workouts and frankly a 3 mile ride to work isn’t much of a workout.  But this past week I biked almost 28 miles.  I was going to aqua jog on Tuesday night, but the pool was full and the lady said I couldn’t aqua jog, but I could join her water aerobics class.  I did and actually got a pretty good core workout.

Monthly miles –

Biking – 134 miles

Run Around All Named Bodies of Water in Minneapolis

This whole not being able to run thing is still cramping my style on this one.

Read the Entire Bible in a Year

Another good month.  Almost half-way through.

Read a Book a Month

I didn’t start a new book until last weekend, so it was a good thing that it was short.  It was actually a thought provoking read. Henri Nouwen has written a lot of though provoking books, this month was In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership.

Blog Regularly

Now that we’ve been getting our CSA again, I’ve been at least posting a picture of that on my personal blog.  I’ve struggled to have the free time to keep this blog updated, even though it just celebrated its 3rd birthday! My 365 blog is still going strong. It is a creative challenge some days when I realize at the end of the day I haven’t taken a picture yet.  My hyperlocal Midtown Phillips News blog is still going well.  I’d like to have the free-time to develop it some more, but it is good. I was told it was too conservative for our neighborhood – which is odd since it is mostly aggregating news from other sources!

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis is back in the most popular post for the month by almost twice as much.  Google blows away all other referral sources!

This week’s ONE POST is It’s time for… (a discussion about shoes).

Bike Ride and Victory Memorial

Today I went for what turned out to be a 28 mile bike ride.  I did the northern section of the Grand Rounds which includes the stretch of Victory Memorial Drive. Both the memorial and the drive are in honor of the 500+ servicemen from Hennepin County that died during WWI.  I didn't plan it that way, but it seemed fitting since this is Memorial Day weekend. 

Pa’s Hat: Liberian Legacy #pashat


An amazing show about the civil war in Liberia. Peace comes from forgiveness. Very thought provoking. A nice tie-in with Somalia’s war at the end.