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Thoughts on March

March 2010 is the first time the Twin Cities hasn’t had snow in March since 1878. The month ended with temps in the 70’s.

March barely surpassed January (18 miles) for total running mileage with a sad 19 miles for the entire month.  I can’t seem to get a break on injuries.  Who would have thought that my knee would randomly swell up? I was doing pretty well at the beginning and was going to step up the mileage.  I did get the bike out for a total of 20 miles, a quick swim, and some very easy cross-country skiing round out the month.

I’ve set a few random goals for the year:

Run Around All Named Bodies of Water in Minneapolis

I didn’t add any new bodies of water.

Read the Entire Bible in a Year

This was a much better month.  It was actually fitting to finish reading Matthew during Holy Week.

Read a Book a Month

I finished two this month. I actually finished the Enjoying Prayer book that I started in February. I had started reading another book but was getting bored by it and we happened to stop in Magers & Quinn and I got several running books including Christopher McDougall’s  Born to Run. I finished it, so look for a book review coming soon.

Blog Regularly

I only posted 3 times at my personal blog.  I posted regularly on here and that’s more important for you!   I continue to do well on my Project 365 (taking and posting 1 picture a day). I also started a new “hyperlocal” news blog for my neighborhood.  It is more of a news aggregator than a publisher of new content.

Other things of note… I found out that my position at work will be funded again for next year, so that is good news. We’ve really tried to get outside as much as possible, though its been a little hard being gimpy but we had our first picnic.  Sadly, we had to cancel our first camping trip of the year due to my knee. It didn’t make sense to go camping and hiking when I couldn’t really walk normally.  So that was sad.

The most popular post for the month continues to be Treatments of Plantar Fasciitis! Actually, so far for 2010 this post has double the visits as any other (except for visits to my home page).

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What a Roller Coaster Day

Today started with an early morning MRI on my swollen knee (the statue of Lucy).  Then hanging out with a good friend and his newborn.  Relaxing at home for awhile and going to pick up a fire ring that we were getting off Craigslist.  I wish the story ended there and the third picture.  But sadly as you can see by the other picture my car needed a tow.  After I picked up the fire ring, the car filled with steam so I pulled back over and looked.  Sure enough dripping anti-freeze.  Ugh.  Good thing we renewed AAA this year.  

Tomorrow could be scary… I should get my MRI results and get an estimate on the car.  Double Ugh. 

A Real Goose Egg

My knee isn’t getting better.

It might be getting worse.

A visit to the Sports Doctor last Monday revealed no new information.  There is fluid on the knee, the x-ray doesn’t show anything, all of the manipulation tests are fine.  It could be an injury and the knee is swelling to protect it.  This seems to be what everyone is shooting for since it is just one knee.  We’ll actually need an MRI to try to determine the actual problem.  MRI’s can cost anywhere from a $1,000 to $3,000, which means we’d have to pay for it (we have a high out of pocket expense that has to be met first).  The doctor and I discussed it and decided to put off getting the MRI to see if the knee would get better.

On Monday while it was swollen it wasn’t too bad.  It started getting worse again on Tuesday.  I think in part because I stopped taking ibuprofen at her suggestion.  This let the inflammation return.  It seems that when I wake up in the morning the swelling has gone down but by the evening it is swollen up again, due to the activity we call going to work.

Obviously since I was hobbling around without being able to bend one leg very much I didn’t run or bike.  I opted for the “healing” time and didn’t do anything.  I’m getting fat and lazy.

Saturday morning Christy and I got up to help a friend man water stops.  A friend of ours is the local Team World Vision representative.  He has partnered with the Team Ortho Foundation as a Charity Partner. Part of the responsibility as a charity partner is to provide volunteers for water stops during Team Ortho’s training runs.  It was a great morning to run, but a little chilly to be standing around at the 5.5 mile mark/turn around point.  It was nice to chat with runners though and be part of it.  The highlights from the morning were getting to drive the Team Ortho truck (and learning more about their organization) and getting breakfast with a cool group of people at Moose & Sadie’s.

This week’s One Post is I Miss Trail Running.  I actually miss all kinds of running right now, but it has been especially hard to see posts and updates from my friends on their trail running this year.  It has been such a great spring for running….

Phillips Community Center


This building has  been occupying a fair amount of my time and thoughts.  Why? Because the Park Board is wanting to destroy the pool inside and isn’t seeking any community input on the building’s future.