Spell Check Doesn’t Always Work

I subscribe to a lot of different blogs including some about triathlons.  Recently trifuel.com posted an article on training recovery so I decided to check it out.

It started out well, talking about stretching.  Then the author said that “Message” was the second big thing.  Ok, maybe he’s talking about sending positive messages to yourself.  Then he went on and it became clear, that it wasn’t a message we should get, but a massage!

Here is the exact quote:

2) Message.

They feel good and help to keep your muscles nice and relaxed. They are a great way to keep the blood flow going in your legs which in turn may help you recover quicker.

In addition it is a great way to break up adhesions in the muscle and loosen tight spots via trigger points.

Top professional athletes in many types of sports get messages daily.

The rest of the article is pretty good.  His other tips are recovery rides and swims, getting lots of sleep, elevating your legs, taking ice baths, and wearing compression socks.

I had never heard of wearing compression socks before but he says that it can help reduce swelling and he’s felt a difference while traveling.

Now, I know I’m not perfect – but I thought this was a good example of why it is important to review your writing several times and not just relying on spell check.  My generation is especially bad about this part!

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