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As I begin Marathon Training this week I thought I would take a look back at what has happened with my running since the end of my Half Marathon Training. I spent 12 weeks training for the Earth Day Half Marathon at the end of April. Since then my running has been lackluster and lackadaisical.

Happily it wasn’t all lacking because I did get some mileage and races in during the last month. After the race I took 5 whole days off physical activity to let my body recoup. My XC coach suggested taking 2 weeks off (which you can do without losing any aerobic capacity). It was a little tricky since I had several races to compete in for the USATF Team Circuit.

So I ran an easy 3 miler to make sure everything worked well and then ran the Get in Gear 10K and almost PRed on a horrible weather day! Since then I’ve run at least 4-5 times a week mostly easy low mileage runs. I threw in another race – this time the TC 1 Miler! It was a fun event with pretty much perfect conditions.

During the past month I added in cycling. As the weather has gotten warmer I brought the bike out of storage and started using it instead of the bus to commute to work each day. It has been a good adventure thus far – a flat tire while at a conference in St Paul, busting a rim on a pot-hole right after getting a tune-up, and subsequently upgrading several components for a better ride! I’ve biked for a grand total of 108 miles on 11 occasions.

The trick has been adding the 8 mile round trip bike commute into my regular running schedule. This has been some of the reason for the lower mileage but also wanting to keep the intensity and duration lower. For the 6 weeks I’ve run 72.55 miles on 18 occasions.

Weekly Mileage Summary: (my weeks end on Sunday currently)

  • Week Ending April 27 – 9.2 miles (10K race included)
  • Week Ending May 4 – 7 miles and 4 bike
  • Week Ending May 11 – 10.6 miles and 21.6 bike
  • Week Ending May 18 – 10.5 miles and 38.6 bike
  • Week Ending May 25 – 17.3 miles (bike in the shop 🙁 )
  • Week Ending June 1 – 18 miles and 44 bike

So that’s what I’ve been up to running-wise! Like I said nothing too exciting, but I am looking forward to starting marathon training – should be fun!

3 thoughts on “Running Status

  1. RunColo

    Good luck gearing up for TC Marathon. I was going to run it last year, flew up to TC and then bailed due to the heat and humidity. I ran Denver the following weekend.

  2. crossn81 Post author

    Thanks. Hopefully you at least got to enjoy the city while you were here! I was volunteering at Chicago so I can understand your concerns.

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