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I was tagged by Lori (aka Toughnoodles). When you get tagged you are supposed to answer the questions and then tag 5 other people.  I’m going to be one of those weirdo’s who just says if you are reading this and want to get tagged – you are it!

So on to the questions.  This is a running tag so that’s good!

1) How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

Yikes, well 10 years ago I would have been 16 so I was still running high school track.  We didn’t have a cross-country team until my senior year and 10 years ago from today would be the summer between sophomore and junior year in high school.  I was on the distance crew running a little bit of everything – 800, 1600, and 3200.  I know that my high school 800 PR was 2:12 but don’t remember the others.

2) What is your best and worst race/run experience?

Wow this is really a tough question. Nothing jumps out at me either way distinctively as being one or the other. 

Both Good and Bad – my senior year in college the 4×800 team I was on was just a few seconds away from getting a national qualifying standard for the NAIA. Our next to last chance to qualify was at the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) national meet.  The 4×800 is run on Friday night under the lights – so it is a pretty big deal.  I was running the second leg and got the baton in second place behind a rival school that included 2 Kenyans.  I took off like a rocket and passed the other guy on the backstretch – everyone kept yelling at me to slow down and take it easy, but I had decided to leave nothing on the track.  I came through the first 400 in 53 seconds (a new 400 PR for me) and in first place.  As I rounded the track and hit the 300 to go mark I hit the wall hard.  Coach said it was like a herd of Gorillas jumped on my back.  So I struggled through the rest of the race and got passed by 3 or 4 guys with a 72 second last lap.  I collapsed and after recovering got really upset.  It took 3 or 4 days for me to stop replaying that race over and over again in my head.  I don’t remember how we placed but we still didn’t qualify and the head coach decided not to give us another chance.  That first 400 was glorious and the last was hellish.

I can think of other races and runs that I enjoyed or hated but nothing ever felt like those 400’s on either extreme.

3) Why do you run?

This is a simple question, but one I often dread. Maybe I dread it because I am an addict and don’t want to admit it.  So there I said it, I’m addicted to running.  I think if I look back deep into the archives I joined the track team in middle school because it was a sport that they couldn’t cut you from! I started running in 8th grade, taking a season off in high school and a track season off in college.  I’m not really sure why I ran in college – maybe I wanted to be a part of a team or something.  I joined the team and became the 15th man – usually by a long shot but I enjoyed the people and had already dedicated so much blood and sweat that I couldn’t stop.  Even during the spring I didn’t run track I still hung out with the team ALL the time, lunch, dinner, chapel, breakfast, track meets, cross-training days, etc.  I guess it became a part of who I was.  So when I graduated college it was still a part of me.  It became something I could do – somewhat well – anywhere I was and I could always meet people with similar interests.  I ran through grad school and post college all the time. I’d do road races and really enjoy winning and placing in my age group (something I struggle with not doing now).  But there are also the other benefits – clearing my mind, letting go of the stress, being free and enjoying the outdoors.  Those are all reasons I run.  I enjoy pushing my body and draining it.  I enjoy the thrill of the final kick – even when its rather pathetic.  I enjoy exploring new trails and getting muddy while running through swamps.  I enjoy the camraderie that is gained by slugging through some hard miles with a friend – or just a random runner.  I enjoy the shared interest and collegiality of another runner who you happen to meet after a run at the parking lot.  I enjoy the challenge that it takes to get out of bed some mornings and the sheer challenge of a long run after a hard week.  Those are many of the reasons I run!

4) What is the best/worst advice you’ve been given about running?

Best: Stay on your toes – this was for cross-country where speed was important and being on the toes keeps your momentum going forward – not so important now. A second piece of advice and more applicable today is that if you have a problem and you make a change but nothing happens you need to look at other causes and factors.  This was given to me when I wasn’t recovering from plantar facitis.  Part of the problem was that the shoes I wore to work everyday were making the injury worse!

Worst: I’m really struggling on this one.  I’ve had some really good coaches and running buddies throughout the years so I guess I don’t really have any worst advice!

5) Tell us something suprising about yourself that not many people would know.

Well I guess depending on when I post this you might already know this.  I have run on 3 different continents and in 4 countries – South Africa, Ghana, Great Britain (England), and the US.

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