Heading to the (All)top

If you could only go to one website a day to find out all the latest information about running what would it be?  Aww shuck you didn’t have to say this one!

Seriously though…

Check out one of the newest sections at Alltop – running.alltop. Since June 1, 2008 Alltop.com has been collecting feeds from various running related blogs into their nicely laid out site.  You can go to the page and see the last 5 posts from 72 different running blogs.  That is a lot of blogs but it also a lot of good information!

Some of the blogs are personal training logs while others are great resources such as The Final Sprint, Runnerville, Team Cross Runs, Run to Win, Runner’s Lounge, Nike, Cool Running, and The Complete Running Network.

So you get the idea there is a plethora of information.  Overloaded? You can actually close out some of the feeds so it is less distracting.

Be sure to head on over and at least give it a look.  They are constantly adding new sites all the time.

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2 thoughts on “Heading to the (All)top

  1. crossn81

    I completely agree, RSS is the way to go for blog reading, but it is very nice to see what else is out there.

    I like your Twitter idea – I'm using hashtags to create a running log!


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