April Highlights

I can’t believe it is May already. 5 months in the Twin Cities and we are enjoying it all (except for the endless bouts of snow!)

April was a busy month with two races, the Earth Day Half-Marathon and the Get in Gear 10K. I also decided to step up and register for a marathon – Medtronic’s Twin Cities Marathon in October.

I started a new feature highlighting all the different style race numbers that we get.

Some random running news included a marathoner who captured a thief, a study about detraining, another study about running preventing dementia, the Chicago Marathon hits capacity, the autopsy report for Adam Nickel, the Wisconsin runner who died at Little Rock, and the Massai took on the London Marathon. Other running news included a bomb exploding in Sri Lanka during a marathon and a swarm of bees attacked runners in Japan.

I was able to find some humor and found two must read lists for runners.

At the beginning of the month I decided to upgrade my blog and almost had a major disaster. I think everything is fixed now but it was almost painful. UGH!!!

Shew it was a busy month – also don’t forget to check out Foto Fridays!

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