Ways to Ruin Your Next Race

There are lots of way to ruin a race, but over at Active.com they have provided a list of the top ten easiest ways to ruin a race. Its on their Triathlon site, but it is an excellent list for runners as well.

I’ll write out the list but be sure to check out the article to get their descriptions! By reading the descriptions you might also be able to spot what you should actually do to NOT ruin your race!

  1. Increase Training Volume
  2. Decrease or Eliminate Training
  3. Don’t Keep a Training Log
  4. Get New Gear Less than a Week Before the Race
  5. Try New Techniques on Race Day
  6. Schedule More than Normal Amounts of Work & Personal Obligations
  7. Eat High-Fiber Foods in Your Last Few Pre-Race Meals
  8. Plenty of Alcohol and Little Sleep the Night Before the Race
  9. Base your Goal Performance on Others
  10. Arrive to the Race as Late as Possible

I’ll admit I’ve actually done a couple of these!

    • I ran a 5K after running 11 miles the day before (not such a good 5K time!) I also rode my bike 10 miles to a 5K, but actually planned to do that and didn’t care about my time.
    • I raced a 5K without socks in my flats, because/ I forgot them at home! (luckily I didn’t get any blisters!)
    • I’ve experimented with powerbars/gels during a race for the first time (I don’t remember any problems and actually raced a course PR)
    • I have experienced less than a good amount of sleep the night before a race. But our rule in college was that the night before the night before (Thursday night for a Saturday race) was the most important night of sleep. I don’t recall the science for this one, anyone?
    • One year, the night before the Indy Mini I went to the Expo and then walked around Indy for awhile afterwards, nothing like wearing out your legs!
    • While I didn’t eat high-fiber, I have had issues with certain pasta restaurants not sitting well after eating them the night before!

Did you like this list? Find that it is pretty inclusive? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about any of these items.

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