Race Results from November 10

Here are the results from this past weekend.  Let us know if you competed, how you did, and what you thought of the race in the comments section.

Forest Park Step N’ Stride 10K & 5K Bob Bragg, 42 of Noblesville, won the 10K in 35:15 (5:41) about 20 seconds ahead of second place.  Camille Herron, 25 of Lafayette, won the female division in 36:49 (5:56) almost 4 minutes ahead of second place and 5th overall.   188 finished the 10K. Jesse Davis, 25 of Indianapolis, won the 5K event in 15:18 (4:56) about 1:20 ahead of second place.  Laura Farley, 23 of Indianapolis, won the female division in 17:40 (5:42) about 3 minutes ahead of second place and 6th overall.  169 finished the 5K.  Lisa Jones won the 5K Walk in 33:18 (10:45) and Max Shellenbarger the men’s in 38:19 (12:22). 58 finished the walk.

Club Kokomo Road Runners 4 Mile Run/5K Walk was won by William Irvin in 24:36 (6:09) about 10 seconds ahead of second place.  Michelle Hollingsworth won the female division in 29:45 (7:26) about 30 seconds ahead of second place and 15th overall. 48 completed the 4 Mile run.  Jerry Lambert won the 3 Mile walk in 34:36 (11:32) with Amanda Pena winning the female division in 36:29 (12:09).  14 completed the 3 Mile walk.

Indiana Fall Classic 10K was won by Scott Mullins, 33, in 33:27 (5:22) about 30 seconds ahead of second place.  Janelle Ralph, 25, won the female division in 40:40 (6:32) about 3 minutes ahead of second place and 15th overall.  80 completed this 10K event.

Jordan’s Journey 5K Run, Walk & Roll was won by Andy Wilson in 15:35 (5:00) about 30 seconds ahead of second place.  Shannon Hendrix-Buxton won the female division in 18:20 (5:54) almost 3 minutes ahead of second place and 10th overall.  123 completed the 5K event.

Yesterday’s Run

I did an easy lap around the wet leaf covered trail at Shadyside Park in Anderson. The trail was fairly empty with temperatures around 52 with some strong winds.  I picked it up for the final 1/4 mile and completed the 2.64 lap in 18:42.  I finished the workout with a couple of accelerations.  I have some slight pain in the ball of my left foot.

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2 thoughts on “Race Results from November 10

  1. sweet

    Step-N-Stride 5k:Nice course that travels through a park, over a foot bridge, through back streets, over a bridge and finally up a small hill to the finish line.Having a big building to get out of the cold, warm up in and receive awards in afterwards was nice.With a quarter mile to go, there were 2 runners a little ahead of me and one I could hear behind me. I was contemplating whether or not I had a kick and whether or not I could catch the two runners ahead of me. Then I saw a hill and decided to save my kick for the top of the hill (about 80 yards from the finish). After the hill I decided that I should resign myself to holding my place… until the younger runner behind me started to kick. Something competitive kicked in and I accelerated with him. I ended up holding him off and also passing a runner at the finish line. The other runner finished just .6 seconds ahead of me. The runner I caught at the finish line turned out to be in my age group, and as a result I finished first. All thanks to the young man who pushed me.Started running again in April of 2006 after 20 years of only playing soccer. At this point I am learning that reducing my times has a lot to do with my mental frame of mind as well as conditioning. During the races I convince myself that I am exhausted and now I am not sure if I really was. Started training in July after an injury and have run three races: Labor Day (hot) 20:15, 10/6 – 19:29(PR), 11/10 – 19:03 (PR). My goal is 18:36, mostly because my son says there’s “no way”. Any ideas on how I should train to get another 9 seconds/mi faster? Or maybe these constraints are all in my head.Splits for the race: 1 mile – 6:00, 2 mile: 6:21, last 1.1: 6:05 pace. Looks like, for starters, I need to focus on that 2nd mile.

  2. Anderson Runner

    Thanks for letting us know about the Step-N-Stride race. It sounded like a fun event. Congrads for winning your age group and catching the guy at the finish!! That is always a nice feeling, even if it took a younger guy to push you through. I agree that alot of the problem is mental, I struggle with that alot. That's why I enjoyed the 800 in college, it was over quickly and the mind didn't have much room to yell at you! Without knowing your specific training schedule I can't guarantee to help you knock out those 9 seconds. But some proven strategies might be tempo runs, hill work, longer interval training, and adding some accelerations. E-mail me a little more about the workouts you've been doing if you'd like more specific help!


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