Race Day: Jennifer’s Run

As mentioned Thursday there were lots of races to choose from. I decided to travel to Hartford City to check out the 7th Annual Jennifer’s Run 5K. I was very cautious with my expectations regarding my performance due to my 11-miler yesterday at Westwood. I ran a 20:47 (6:19, 6:50, 6:56, :41) and could definitely tell my legs were tired, not to mention the heat! Overall results are here.

Note: Before you read my review let me say that I am 100% behind their cause and the reasons for their race. I think domestic violence is horrific and awareness needs to be raised about the issue.

A quick race review: In summary I will not attend this race next year. Why not? Lots of little reasons, a 9am start is a bit late given the mid-June race day, the course is pretty flat (a couple of tiny semi-hills) but had lots of turns and was delicately marked (little white lines within a foot of the curb and easy to miss mile markers). Not to mention being 1 tenth too long (3.2 miles). The police officer leading the race actually missed a turn, thankfully someone was biking and yelled at the leaders to turn! Other reasons include not having water at the finish (they did have Powerade) and an odd layout for the course (a quick turnoff after the finish line is already in sight). I should note that there was a water stop between 1.5 and 2 miles. The race was sponsored, in part, by RoadID Race Sponsorship Program which included gift certificates for RoadID products for race winners and a $2 off coupon for all participants.

Finally and this may be the greatest sin a race director can commit, age group awards were not given out as advertised (for the awards they used 10 year instead of the advertised 5 year, making the error the other way wouldn’t cause any concerns!). In addition to a little confusion about some age group awards.

This is a good local race raising money for an excellent cause, but in my humble opinion not worth the drive from Anderson!

Am I too harsh? Want to talk about your recent race? Click on the comments link below and leave me a comment.

I did e-mail my concerns to the Race Director prior to this posting.

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6 thoughts on “Race Day: Jennifer’s Run

  1. Anonymous

    This year makes the fourth year i have run the Jennifer's Run.. What brings me back? The entry fee is relatively cheap( $12 pre-registered and $15 raceday).Despite the lack of water, the food for refreshments of fresh fruit and great bakery cookies along with the Poweraid always makes up for it.. The Course is very flat with some shade to buffer the heat( Thanks for letting me know it's .1 too long-sometimes did feel I ran better than my time).Finally , I live closer than Anderson.So for those of us in the Hartford City/ Muncie/Fairmount area, LOCATION,LOCATION, LOCATION.I agree the awards were poorly handled. I think this stems from non-runners handling that aspect of the race. Finally, 3 of 4 years the t-shirt has been of better quality.THis year's design is very tasteful. However, it is one that is likely to be more appreciated by female runners.

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