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I have mentioned several times that I listen to Phedippidations the podcast, but did you know it also has a blog?

I won’t mention much about the podcast, but you can see my past thoughts about it here and its also on my mp3 player list posted here. RCI was also a featured blog of the week in September (listen to the mp3 excerpt).

So what does Steve Runner publish on his blog? Well you might be a little disappointed, unless you are an avid listener of the show. It is quite simply his “Show Notes.”

The posts include a summary of the week’s topic and then a list of the links he mentions in the show, including the Blog of the Week, links to the Podsafe Music Network’s music that he used, and other blogs or websites that he refers to. This is beneficial because unless you have an excellent memory you’ll forget most of the links while running down the road (unless you carry pen and paper!) There is also a link to listen to the show directly so if you don’t have iTunes you can still listen or save the file to your computer, which could be helpful for those of us who don’t use a real iPod. The blog also is a good way to find out what each week’s topic is and download it individually without subscribing to the show.

This isn’t a blog you stop by often to read, but it is a blog to stop by and listen.

You can listen to Steve’s promo mp3 for the podcast here.

Yesterday’s Run

Honestly, I haven’t run since Tuesday morning. I don’t really have a good excuse, except that I thought it might be good to see if I could get rid of the pain in the ball of my foot. After running it hurt to walk on it for most of the day and still hurt a little on Weds. But now it feels fine. We’ll see how it feels after racing tomorrow.

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