Obsessive Running Logs

Runners are obsessive about… well running. We are also obsessive about keeping track of our running, our PR’s, shoes, clothing, and technical equipment we use.

Over the years I’ve heard lots of stories about runners and their running logs. Some lock them away each year in a safe deposit box and treat them as prized memories, leafing through them with a mist of sentimentalism similar to looking through old family photo albums.

Another runner would do anything to keep from putting a “goose egg” or 0 into the log book.
I didn’t really start keeping a log book of my running until the past few years. If I recall correctly my first log book was a free one from Runner’s World that came with my subscription.

I then progressed to using an excel spreadsheet log that someone had created on the Internet. This worked great for a year, then I couldn’t remember where I got it, so when I wanted a new one for the new year I went looking again! I found another great excel version but again didn’t keep track of where I got it!

A year or so ago I also tried using a web-based training log. That didn’t last too long because it was more of a hassle than anything else. But I recently came across a site called Running Ahead and have been able to stay consistent with keeping it updated and really enjoy the variety of features. Running Ahead is actually so good that Runner’s World bought the software to use for their logs!

A quick search on Google produced a plethora of running logs and excel based logs. If you are reading this you are probably a little tech-savvy and I would highly recommend using Running Ahead for logging your mileage. Check out their demo page.

A quick review of 10 important elements of a running log by Jeff Galloway and I find that Running Ahead lets you incorporate pretty much everyone of them, if you so desire. I’m not quite so obsessive about some elements (i.e. I don’t heart rate train, so I don’t keep track of my heart rate).

What do you use to keep track of your mileage? Do you even care? Leave comments and let’s discuss what’s out there for logging in your miles.

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5 thoughts on “Obsessive Running Logs

  1. Blaine Moore

    I agree, RunningAhead is currently my favorite online training log.I am still keeping my breakingthetape log going, though, because I like some of the reports better. Other than that, though, RunningAhead is much better.

  2. Anderson Runner

    I was never able to sign up for Breaking the Tape, but I know lots of bloggers use it. What reports do you use?

  3. Chad W.

    I've used the running log at coolrunning.com for the past year and a half and have really liked it. I'll have to give RunningAhead a look now, though. Thanks for the tip.

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