Jennifer’s Run Update

Do you recall my race review from my June 16th race in Hartford City. The race was called Jennifer’s Run and was a race to raise money to increase awareness and prevention of domestic abuse.

I was a little critical about some aspect of the race and e-mailed the race director in an attempt to be constructive and help them for future events. Last week, I was informed by a friend that the race’s website had been updated with a response from Teresa, the race director.

In a letter she corrected the race results and said:

Thanks for your patience everybody. We still have a bit of an issue with the results in that we are unable to force the computer to exclude the top 3 overall finishers from the age groups, however we were able to get it to exclude the top 2 overall finishers which has only effected two age groups. I’ve listed the corrections to the age group results below, if you do not see your name then you may rely on the computer generated HTML for your results.

On race day, our program printed out 10 year age groups instead of 5 year age groups. This discrepancy was not noticed until after the awards had been presented, however as everyone had already left we were unable to make corrections at the time. We are addressing that issue now. The program has been fixed and the correct age groups are reflected in the computer generated html. You will find your results there. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience as we seek to disperse the awards to those of you who earned them.

She also indicated that if you wanted to claim your awards you can do so by contacting her.

She also added a section entitled “Participant Suggestion Box” which highlights what they are doing to address some of my concerns. She specifically talks about post-race water, course length and layout, and finally start time. I would encourage you to check out her comments and provide feedback.

I also forgot to mention in my original post that they did have a professional photographer taking pictures. Results are also currently available here.

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