Best of 2007: Personal Race Performance

As 2007 quickly comes to a close here’s a look at some of the Best of 2007.

Here are 3 of my best race performances in 2007. What was your best race this year?

  1. Buzzards Roost 10K I ran 42:22 which left me very confident for later races and was only 54 seconds off my 10K PR. This was a 6:49 pace.
  2. Ovarian 4Mi Run I ran a 25:43 which I was very excited about. This was a 6:25 pace.
  3. DINO Series – Fort Harrison 15K I ran a 1:07:32 with an all out sprint finish I was very pleased with this 5 minute PR and a tough course. This was a 7:14 pace.

After the Buzzards Roost race I felt confident that I would run some excellent 10K’s later in the year and this was a fairly tough course, so I was very pleased with my race.

The Ovarian 4 Mile run was definitely my fastest performance of the year, I ran a solid race throughout the 4 miles and felt like everything came together perfectly.

The DINO races are all tough and I was super-excited to have ran a 5 minute PR on a mostly hilly course. I was still reaping the benefits of my taper and feel that overall it was a good performance.

Honorable Mention would be the Mid-South Half-Marathon, which I ran a little slower than I wanted but felt that overall it was a good race.

Weekend Workout Summary

Friday – I was at the gym riding one of the bicycles, I put in one hour of easy riding and rode about 16.5 miles. My gym has several styles of bikes, one has the big fan wheel, another is a “real” machine bike with a seat and a back rest – more of a recumbent bike, and the last is a machine with a normal style seat. I think either of the two machines provide a good workout but I personally prefer the normal style because it is more realistic.

Sunday – I ran for the first time since Thanksgiving. We had gotten several inches of snow and a layer of ice. I decided to go ahead and run a loop at Mounds State Park with Brian. It was a pretty tough workout, some of the trails hadn’t been touched and it was beautiful, if not disorienting. We also saw a nice fat deer and lots of deer tracks. It was a good run, but very tough and we both could feel the extra work required due to the snow. My foot felt fine and still feels good so far!

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4 thoughts on “Best of 2007: Personal Race Performance

  1. Blaine Moore

    I'd have to go with the Pisgah 50k or the Marine Corps Marathon as my best races of 2008 – although taken as a whole the 19-week (18 race) 5k series here in Portland might top that (since I won!)Nah, the 50k and then the MCM and then the race series.

  2. Mike the PCRobot

    Well since this year I actually started seriously running I have several best performances, although they aren't very good overall.I ran my first race, the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K and my 5K PR so far was at the Heather Hills FunFest FK in 29:18.

  3. Anderson Runner

    Thanks for sharing! Blaine – the Pisgah did sound like a lot of fun!! Mike – way to get out there and start hitting the roads!! Keep up the good work and hopefully in 2008 you will be able to get some more races under your belt!

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