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Indiana is Obese

I recently did some research on “healthy living” and needed data related to childhood obesity, physical activity, nutrition, etc. The results are a little staggering.

Some of the results are here:

The state and federal governments are trying to curb the rising trend in obesity across the nation. I personally tend to be more conservative and think the government should be a last resort to “rescue” us from our personal problems. But something has to be done to keep us and our kids healthier.

I was happy to report back in August about the increasing trend of more runners there was a 5% increase from 2005 to 2006.

The Trust for America’s Health report also included statistics on public opinion about specific related programs:

  • 81% of Americans believe that the government should have a role in addressing the obesity crisis. Majorities strongly support government working on proposals to expand education programs about healthy living, provide low-cost access to exercise programs, and reduce the marketing of unhealthy foods.
  • 55% of parents with children under 18 believe lunches provided in schools are not nutritious enough.
  • 66% of Americans rated proposals to establish higher nutrition in school lunches as very useful.
  • Over 2/3rds of Americans believe children do not participate in adequate amounts of physical activity during the school day or engage in enough physical activity outside of school. More than 70 percent of Americans rated proposals to increase physical education in schools as very useful.
  • 60% of Americans favor a proposal to measure students’ BMI annually and confidentially provide this information to parents or guardians.

I know the Anderson Road Runners has a Children’s Fun Run program and most races include some type of kid’s event. What do you think we, as people who value fitness, can and should do to promote a healthier lifestyle for today’s youth?

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Greenwood 5K in the News

The Indy Star reported on the Inaugural Greenways of Greenwood 5K race.

About 140 runners participated in the inaugural 5K event on Saturday, and another 50 people came to show support. The Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department and sponsors Performance Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation held the event to raise support for the city’s 20-mile trail system.

The race is Greenwood’s first since two other races — the Madison Avenue Two-Mile and the Firecracker 10K and Sparkler 5K — were discontinued in the mid-1990s.

Race director Joshua Kendall said the interest in volunteering was overwhelming and he expects the race to grow each year.

“Having a race here has been excellent for the community,” he said. “Everyone’s been pretty pumped about it. We set some pretty low goals for the first year and we blew those away. The first year’s always kind of a little bit shaky, but everything seemed to go really well.”

About 10 kids participated in the Kid’s Fun Run following the 5K, where children in costumes had a chance to sprint in their own race.

“We really feel good about this event,” Madsen said. “Hopefully next year it’ll be even bigger and better.”

See the full article at Indy Star.

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Race Results from October 27

Here are the results from this past weekend. Don’t forget to let us know how your race went and any thoughts you have on it.

North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway

Friday’s Run Like Hell 3 Miler was won by Brian Shepherd of Ligoneier in 15:15 (5:05) about 30 seconds ahead of second place. Erin Nehus of Indianapolis won the female division in 16:16 (5:25) about 7 seconds ahead of second place and 7th overall. 138 participated in this event. Pictures on this page are from the photos taken during the race.

The Pleasant Run Run 5 Mile run was won by Ted Turner of Indianapolis in 24:47 (4:57) almost 4 minutes ahead of second place. Camille Herron of Lafayette won the female division in 29:36 (5:55) about 1 minute ahead of second place and 4th overall. 282 finished the 5 mile run. The 5 Mile Walk was won by Max Walker of Greenwood in 44:55 (8:59). Gail Brandenburg of Carmel won the female division in 56:16 (11:15) in 5th place. 40 finished this event with 2 DQ’s.

The Inaugural Greenways of Greenwood 5K was won by Aaron Harding in 15:39 (5:02) about 15 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Chikage Castle won the female division in 20:34 only 3 seconds ahead of Amanda Holzhausen for a 12th place finish. 117 finished this event.

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Marathon Challenge: PBS Special

On October 30, 2007 at 8PM PBS will broadcast a NOVA special called Marathon Challenge.

According to their website

it follows 13 generally sedentary people through a training regimen designed to prepare them for an ultimate test of stamina and endurance. Created in cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association®, which granted NOVA unprecedented access to the 111th Boston Marathon®, and Tufts University, “Marathon Challenge” takes viewers on a unique adventure inside the human body, tracking the physiological changes that exercise can bring about.


The Marathon Challenge site offers team biographies, journal entries from the participants, a complete training schedule, expert advice, and much more.


Check your local listings to make sure the date and time are correct. 



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Races on October 27

I won’t be out on the roads this weekend, but good luck to all who are. The fun begins Friday night!

Friday October 26

Run Like Hell begins downtown Indianapolis on the canal at 7pm. This is a Tuxbro hosted event, costumes are encouraged.

Saturday October 27

2007 Run the Greenway 10K Run & 5K Walk (pdf) begins at 9am at the Wysor Street Depot in Muncie. All proceeds benefit the Cardinal Greenway.

Inaugural Greenways of Greenwood 5K begins at 9am in Craig Park of Greenwood, IN. This event benefits the Greenway Trail System in Greenwood.

Pleasant Run 5Mi in Historic Irvington, Indianapolis begins at 10am. All proceeds from “Indy’s Oldest 5 Mile Competitive Race” go to the Marion County Children’s Guardian Home at this Tuxbro hosted event.

3rd Annual Run to the Creek 5K begins at 9:30am at McCormick’s Creek State Park near Spencer.

Women 4 Wellness Workshop is being held at the National Institute for Fitness and Sports. Registration is required.

FITNESS is Not Something You Just Talk About. FITNESS is something You Do! So, we won’t be doing our nails. We won’t be swapping recipes. This is a NO PANTYHOSE ZONE! Come Dressed for Action Come Ready for Fun!

Volunteers are needed for the 2007 NCAA Cross Country Championship event taking place in Terre Haute on November 19, 2007. To volunteer contact Mike Ireland at 812-230-2427.


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