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Indy Classic Marathon Date Changed

According to the Indy Star the date has been changed from Sept 8 to Nov 3 after event organizers met with city officials.

The event had over 12,000 participants registered for this year’s inaugural race.

The event’s website had this to say:

Due to other events taking place in Downtown Indianapolis on September 8th, 2007 the persons in charge of medical could not or did not have the resources to cover any emergencies that could arise during the marathon.  It was not expected for the Indy Classic Marathon to have so many participants registered in the first year of the event.

We understand that this may cause some of you to rethink your commitment to running in this year’s event due to scheduling conflicts; if that is the case we will offer a refund.  To compensate for the inconvenience for those who are registered as of August 21, 2007 and remain registered for this year and participate in the event, Indy Classic Marathon will give entry to the dinner buffet for free, and a 50% off an entry into next year’s event, at this year’s prices.

If you have paid for your dinner already Indy Classic Marathon will reimburse you for the dinner fee paid.

Please contact Indy Classic Marathon online concerning your fee reimbursement.

We offer all of you who registered our sincere apology.

All rules and regulations, and waivers of liability remain intact and effective for the new day of the event.

All registration procedures remain the same.

We will be contacting all participants individually.

Thank you for your understanding during this date change and we look forward to seeing you November 3rd, 2007 same time and place.

This event is sold out so don’t think about running it now with the later date.  I can’t imagine this will be good for future years, but hopefully it won’t hurt the race.  This postpones the race 8 weeks and will really throw training schedules out of wack.

My thought would be to ease back on the training for a week and then go back to week 8 and start over again.  You might be able to skip some of your long-long runs if you had already got them in.  I’m not a coach so I don’t know for sure.  Anybody have a thought?

You could also get the full refund and then take part in the Indianapolis Marathon on October 20, which is 2 weeks earlier.

Running Trends and Race Results

First the running trends:

Here are some interesting statistics about running in the USA.

  • In 2006, over 8.5 million people completed a US Road Running Event, with 38% of those completing a 5K and 4.8% completing a marathon.
  • That is a 5% increase over 2005.
  • The above 8.5 million people competed in almost 15,000 events in 2006 with 50% of those being 5K’s.
  • Over 43,000 participated in the Celestial Seasonings Bolder Boulder 10K, 2006’s largest race, while Indy’s Mini-Marathon placed 7th overall with 27,000 finishers.
  • The half-marathon or 13.1 mile event is the largest growing event in the country. Other growing race distances include the 1 mile, 5 mile, 8K, and 10mile.
  • 53% of runners are male and the average age is 44 years old.
  • In 2006, over $726 million (an increase of 11%) on running clothing and $3 BILLION on running shoes (a slight decline).

Now for the Race Results from August 18.

ICADV Race Away From Domestic Violence 10k was won by Andy Hass of Lizton, IN in 34:17 (5:32) with Cindy Harris of Indianapolis winning the female division in 42:51 (6:55) and placing 21st overall.  In the 5K Stephen Mason of Indianapolis won in 16:56 (5:27) with Jean Lampert of Indianapolis winning the female division in 19:19 (6:13) and placing 10th overall.

5K 4 United Way, in Terre Haute was won by Gary Collins in 16:47 (5:04) with Jessica Crowder winning the female division in 19:22 (6:14) and placing 8th overall.

Friends of Seelyville 5K was won by Patrick Ferro in 19:06 (6:08) and the female division was won by Carla Yerkes in 20:34 (6:37).

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Races on August 18 and a Few Notes

Note: There has been some problems with the e-mail functioning correctly, so those receiving this by e-mail make sure you scroll to the bottom of each message. There could be more than one post!

I only found three races this weekend, so stay out late and watch some high school football!! On a note about high school, I don’t plan on covering high school and middle school cross country meets. There are just so many events and schools in Central Indiana and it would take a herculean effort to keep up with them all.

That said if you e-mail me updates I will post a summary once a week or you can check out these high school focused sites:

Now for the race info!

ICADV 4th Annual 10K and 5K Race Away From Domestic Violence: A Tenderness Tour Event at the Indiana War Memorial begins at 7:40. This race hosted by Ken Long & Associates benefits the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Weather permitting there will be hot air balloons.

Union Hospital Health Group’s 5K for United Way (pdf) begins at 9am in the Clara Fairbanks parking lot at Union Hospital’s campus in Terre Haute. Proceeds from this 4th annual event go towards the local United Way.

Friends of Seelyville 5K begins at 9am in the small town of Seelyville (near Terre Haute). This looks like a pretty cheap race entry. All proceeds benefit the town’s street fair.


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Caffeine – A Banned Substance

Since the 2000 Olympics, caffeine has been banned by the International Olympic Committee. The level that is banned is approximately 8 cups of coffee.  If the IOC found that much caffeine in your urine, they would assume that you are trying to gain a competitive advantage.

Does Caffeine Really Help?

Research is all over the place, but the majority seem to suggest that caffeine will not benefit athletes in the shorter distances or those with high intensity. But it can improve performance in an endurance event. Runner’s World published an article about a research study that contradicts that claim, as well as a study that supports it!

Personal differences in tolerance to caffeine, metabolism, diet, and others can have an impact on the benefit of caffeine use.  Doctors don’t recommend the use of caffeine to enhance performance. Caffeine is present in much more than coffee and Coke.  Most energy drinks, sports drinks, and energy bars contain some level of caffeine.  Ingested during a race it can also provide a needed boost to help you continue at your desired level of exertion.

How It Works

According to a Rice University professor, “Caffeine mobilizes fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as a fuel.  This delays the depletion of muscle glycogen and allows for the prolongation of exercise.”  To optimize this caffeine needs to be ingested early in an event or before-hand.  This prevents the body from switching to glycogen too early.

Caffeine may also impact the brain, making you feel that your level of exertion is lower than it actually is.  This will also allow you to push longer and harder. It may also help keep your muscles relaxed.

Nasty Side Effects

Caffeine does have some bad side effects including:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Instability
  • Muscle Tightness
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • May compound existing heart problems

Tips or Recommendations

  • Ingest Caffeine 3-4 hours before performance
  • Abstain for a few days before event, to improve caffeine effect
  • Make sure you have tested caffeine during training


Do you drink coffee regularly?  Do you use it to “improve your performance”? What do you think about this topic?  Leave a note in the comments section.

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Results from August 8

Yesterday I wrote about my race at the Pop Weaver 5K, here is a recap of the event and other races from the weekend:


The Weaver Popcorn Kernal Klassic was swept by the Gillette family of Niles, MI.  Justin Gillette, 24 won in 15:18 (4:56) and beat local favorite BJ Needler (sadly this bumped Needler back into the age group rankings, giving me a 2nd place). Ron Sharp won the Masters in 16:48 (5:25) and placed 3rd overall.  Melissa Gillette won the female division in an impressive 18:22 (5:55) over a minute ahead of her closest competitor and placed her 13th overall.  The female Masters winner was Katherine Mitchell of Marion in 22:05 (7:07).

The First Lady’s Walk was not a scored event.

The Club Kokomo Age Graded 4 Mile Run was won by Doug Balogh, 55, in 28:34 (his actual 4 mile split was 24:04 [6:01]).  The first place female was Carla Yerkes, 47, won ran 29:54 (her actual 4 mile split was 27:39 [6:55]).  The 5K walk was won by Rick Spencer, 53 in 32:07 (10:20) with the female winner Mary Miller, 47, walking 33:19 (10:43).  If I understand this correctly, they age-graded by making you start after the clock started.  If you were 75+ then you started with the gun, but if you were 17 or 35 then you started 8:15 behind the clock.

The Hagerstown Jubilee 5K results haven’t been posted yet.  But they can be found here.



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