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Racing on the 28th


Midnight Run 5K starts at 11:15pm on Friday night at the Terre Haute Family YMCA. Proceeds go to the Wabash Valley Road Runner’s Youth Program. Registration is from 9:30pm to 10:30pm and there is a 1 Mile Fun Run.


Putnam County Mental Health 4 Mi Run and 2 Mi Walk starts at 8am at the DePauw Nature Park in Greencastle. All proceeds benefit the Putnam County Mental Health Association.  Awards include gift certificates from The Running Company.

Broncho 8K & 5K (pdf) begins at 8:30 at Lafayette Jefferson’s Scheuman Stadium.  Race takes place on Jeff’s cross country course.

Huntington Open 3K & 5K begins at 8:30 and 9:15 respectively.  The race is at Huntington University’s Cross Country course, but check-in is at the Merrilat Athletic Complex on campus. Registration is only $7.

Trinity Trot 5K starts at 9am.  That’s all I know!

Bret Neylon’s Race to Recovery 5K begins at 9am at the Brownsburg High School Fieldhouse.  All proceeds go towards helping Coach Neylon recover from a serious bicycle accident.

P.O.G. Morristown 8K begins at 8:30am at Morristown Jr/Sr High School.  This is age-graded for $$$ for top 10, and money for overall open and age groupers!!  I’ve heard there are lots of great goodies at this race too. This is conducted by Ken Long & Associates.

Call Me AL 5K located at Saint Alphonsus Church in Zionsville, IN begins at 8:30am. All proceeds benefit the St Alphonsus Festival. This is conducted by Tuxbro.



There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide.  You will need to make a choice.  Do you really want it? You will need to decide.  – Rolf Arands, a runner


I’ll be out of town, so no race results until Weds or Thurs!


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Fartleking Fun

We all want to improve our performance to some degree and I imagine most of us want to become the best that we can in running and life. To get better we have to stretch ourselves, take our mind or body someplace where its not been before.

In running as in life, there are many avenues to pursue improvement.  Probably one of the quickest ways to improve your running performance is to incorporate speed workouts.  Speed work provides three primary benefits:

  • Helps improve form,
  • Trains your body to handle Oxygen debt, and
  • Helps push through mental barriers that may be holding you back.

Under speed work there are three broad umbrellas:

    1. Hill Workouts
    2. Interval Training
    3. Fartleks

Each has a unique benefit and purpose and will help you overcome mid-race fatigue, poor finishing stretch, and overcoming oxygen debt. In my opinion Fartleks are the easiest way to do incorporate speed training into your workout schedule. Note: You should have a decent base before incorporating any speedwork into your training.

Fartlek, Fartlek, Fartlek

The word almost sounds profane, I mean who wants to lick a fart? It actually is a Swedish word meaning “speed play.”  That is precisely what you should do with a fartlek: play and have fun!  When the Europeans first popularized this aspect of training they didn’t base their “intervals” on time, but on random points during a run.

Basically a fartlek is adding a short period of acceleration, followed by a recovery, and repeating it.  Most runners generally do Fartleks by time 1 minute on, 1 minute off, etc. Fartleks train you to push through your fatigue and help you during a race when you need to put a surge in to catch a passing competitor. Your off or rest pace should ideally return you back to your regular pace.

Fartleks are great because they can be done anywhere and at anytime, they are also more fun than running repeat intervals at a track and can produce some of the benefits.  Fartleks can be done if you need to throw in some speed work but your base is a little weak, it is also done a lot towards the beginning of a training schedule to help get your legs use to running fast.

How do I do it?

It really depends on where you run, what your training looks like, and what your goal is.  I’ve done fartleks at Mounds and on the road.  Here is a sample fartlek on the road while training for a 10K:

Warmup – 10 minutes

1 minute at 10K pace – 1 minute recovery

2 minutes at 10K pace – 2 minute recovery

3 minutes at 10K pace – 3 minute recovery

2 minutes at 10K pace – 2 minute recovery

1 minute at 10K pace – 1 minute recovery

Cooldown – 10 minutes

I usually extend the cooldown to finish the course that I’m running, but you could also extend the warmup to get your mileage.  You can add more accelerations, make them longer, or do whatever you want (remember to have fun).  I would also note that when I say 10K pace, that should be goal pace, not your most recent 10K pace. In reality, pacing on a fartlek is about how you feel, it shouldn’t be 100% effort but maybe closer to 85%. Hard but not too hard.

Good luck and I’d like to hear your comments about Fartleking!

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Results Roundup from July 21

Here is what I’ve been able to find:

Panther Prowl 4Mi Run/5K Walk was won by Ryan Perry in 17:09 (4:17) and Katie Hollingsworth was the first female in 20:37 (5:09) in 25th place overall.  Eighty-seven ran the 4Mi and 21 did the 5K Walk.  Greg Callahan won the walk in 31:10 (10:01) and Mary Miller won the female division and 3rd overall in 33:22 (10:44).


Pound the Pavement 5K was won by 26 year-old Mark Rook in 15:24 (4:57) with the top 4 finishing within 9 seconds of him.  Sean Hudson and Brock Hagerman ran 15:27 with 1 hundredth of a second separating them, while Cole Hardacre came in 4th in 15:33.  Other local high school names jump out such as a Chris Jones of Highland running a 17:02 and Mason Webb a 17:40.  Gary Romesser was there and got 8th overall in 17:29.  Gwen Kemple won the women’s division in 18:38 (5:59). There was 273 participants in this second year event.


The Runner’s Forum 42K Relay was won by the Athletic Annex team who completed this marathon relay in 2:10:23 (4:59 average pace) for this 13 lap event.  The Charlie’s Angels was the first female team with an overall time of 2:24:52 (5:33). 


Red Eye Relay results are posted yet but will be here.  This was the hundred mile overnight relay in Bloomington.


Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend.  What did you think of the race you ran?  Let us know.



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American Record Falls

July 21 began a new era for American Track and Field and Alan Webb.

The 24 year old ran a 3:46.9 mile at Atletiek Vlaanderen in Belgium. This performance also makes him the 8th fastest miler according to the Washington Post.

You can watch a video of his performance over at Flocast. It is the only video I have been able to find. Click on the link and then click on the mile performance over on the left side. You can also watch a post-race interview with Webb at the site.

Congratulations Alan!

Plan to Race July 21?

Are you planning to race this weekend? There is a good selection of races to choose from. Will the rain stop in time for the weekend? It actually looks like a beautiful weekend.Helpful Hearts 5K Run (pdf) begins at 8am at the Effingham High School Athletic Field. This race helps raise money for Derrick Mesnard an Effingham grad who became a paraplegic in a car accident. Looks like an excellent family event.

Panther Prowl 4 Miler starts at 8am at Western High School in Russiaville.

Pound the Pavement 5K starts at 8am at Falls Park in Pendleton. This event raises money for the Coach Carey Scholarship Foundation. Lots of family oriented activities including a Stroller Strut, Dog Walk, Colts Cheerleaders, and much more. Check out this Anderson Herald-Bulletin article.

Can You Handle the Heat 5K starts at 9am at Shadyside Park in Anderson.

Red Eye Relay looks like an interesting team event held in Bloomington. Teams start between 4pm and 10:30pm Saturday and must finish by 9:30am Sunday. Teams run a 50 mile loop course TWICE!

JULY 22 – Runners Forum 42K relay is a 4 person marathon relay. Race starts at 7am at City Center in Carmel. All proceeds going to the Northview Christian Life Church’s efforts to build an orphan drop-in shelter in South Africa.


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